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Little visitor

Well today turned out to have kind of an odd schedule, and not just because of the time change. We had a surprise guest! (It wasn't that much of a surprise by the time it actually happened, but we hadn't planned for it, certainly.)

It started at church. About halfway through Primary, our neighbor's daughter realized that I was there playing the piano, and she said to the Primary leader who had been sitting with her, "Excuse me. Twins are here!" When she got the chance to talk to us later, she asked if we lived there (at the church). We told her no, we live near you, remember?

Well. If she had forgotten before, she remembered now. So about half an hour after we got home, there's a knock at the door. The little girl's mother had been trying very hard to keep her from dashing off to our apartment, but after so many tries, she decided to give in. So she visited with us while her mom ran some errands.

We actually have some stuff in common with the girl, including a fondness for My Little Pony, so she found our Fluttershy almost immediately and then took her with her (almost) everywhere. She also really likes Kingdom Hearts, so when I played "Dearly Beloved" for her on the piano, she liked it so much that she only let me stop when the game had been started up and the music was playing on the title screen. Then Athena loaded a game, and Dearly Beloved wasn't playing anymore, so I had to get back to the piano. And I said, "Can I stop and watch the game now?" and she said, "No, you have to keep playing."

It's super cute, though, because she doesn't call Sora by name--to her, he's "my father," we assume because that's who she plays with. Athena's theory, based on personal experience today, is that when she asks him what's happening, and he describes it, he'd answer, for example, "I just hit that Heartless with my Keyblade." And Riku is "my father's friend who turns evil." Almost every time, she uses that full description. Of course, she's Kairi, but she still calls Kairi by name.

We had an amusing conversation about Heartless. We called them Heartless, and she said, "No, they're Darkness!" She corrected us several times, until we finally convinced her that they really are called Heartless...and then Sora got swallowed up by some darkness, and she asked, "What happened?" and we said, "He got swallowed up by the darkness!" and she said, "You mean Heartless." It was super adorable.

And then she went home, and we relaxed for a little while, and read some books, and called Mom to talk to her for a while, and then we were like, "Whoa, it's six o'clock? But it totally doesn't feel like six o'clock. ...Oh yeah."

Today I'm thankful for not being kept up too late last night by Apollo's needlessly long storyline (okay, maybe not, I do think some things could have been kept shorter), cute little visitors, the little visitors going home (she's adorable and we love her, but we have stuff we want to do!), extra daylight, and the great lessons we had in church.
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