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Sometimes, it feels like two days in the weekend are not enough. Fortunately, today is only sort of one of those days, and mostly only because of Daylight Saving Time paired with 9am church.

It also doesn't help that the Apollo chapters in Kamigami no Asobi are sooooooo loooooong. Oh my goodness. If we had been going with Hades's story, we probably would have finished in time to have ice cream last night. Instead, we were up too late.

But the kid is so cute. Let's's all a blur. What even happened?

Right. They decided to have a bunkasai, and their bunkasai was like the one we had a BYU--all the classes do some kind of stage performances. After much deliberation, Class A (your class and the only one with people who were not just conjured up by Zeus) decided to perform Cinderella. There was a little bit of discussion about who would play the prince, but Loki convinced Balder that he would make an excellent fairy queen, so the matter was resolved very amicably. (And Apollo was so cute when Balder suggested it might be a good idea to have a long-haired prince, because he really wanted to be the prince, and in human form, he has short hair.) Of course, Yui was immediately cast as Cinderella. And the Japanese gods played the stepsisters while Hades played the king. Loki was the director.

Since, of course, Class A's performance came last, Loki got to see all the other performances and how good they were, so he determined that your only chance of winning best performance was to have a kiss at the finale. Yui wasn't sure she was emotionally prepared for such a thing, so we were sure that that was going to be where the Thread of Fate showed up to let us decide to go with the romantic or non-romantic ending. But the scene just kept going without giving us any options, and Apollo leaned in for the kiss...and then said, "........................It's not you."

And we were like, "What!?" The phrase "it's not you" could also be translated as "you're not the one," so we were like, "Is there another girl? Is this about those plants? What's the dealio!?"

Then he says, "It's not you. It's me." And we were like, "WHAT!? You're breaking up with me!? We're not even officially together yet!" And he runs off the stage and ruins the performance, so Class A doesn't even place in the vote. They were disqualified because they didn't get to the end of their performance. Everybody's all trying to make the best of it and not place blame (except for Hades, who blamed Loki because the kiss was his idea), but Apollo is just one of those guys, and he took all the blame and stepped down as student body president to atone for his crime.

So Apollo just gets all gloomy and avoids everyone, and everyone is all sad, like the sun has gone out of their lives, and Yui's got a cold and on top of that is depressed because Apollo refused to kiss her, and she doesn't know if it's her fault or not, but Hades decides to start being a good uncle and initiates the planning of a party to bring Apollo back. It's almost like the story of Amaterasu, only instead of using the Sanshu no Jingi, they use home-cooking from Yui...who is not a cook. (This shocked Hades--he had read that humans prepare their own food and so was sure everyone did it.) The party worked...but Yui wasn't there.

Of course, they sent her to deliver the invitation to Apollo, and that's where you get to choose what kind of ending you want to go for. You can either leave the invitation where he's sure to find it, or you can go straight to his room to make sure he gets it in person. We chose the latter, and that where Yui hears Apollo singing a song. Yui asks him what he's singing, and he says, "Seriously, you don't want to know. It will only bring you pain." And then you can either say, "Yeah, you're probably right," or you can push the matter. We decided to push the matter, and as it turns out, Yui really didn't want to know. But we did!

It was a song to the woman he loves. Just to make sure, Yui asks who that is, and Apollo answers, "Cassandra." This got all kinds of mixed reactions from us, the first of which being, "Did she turn into a plant? I don't think she did, but maybe...?" There was also, "I don't remember there being a thing between her and Apollo," but that could just be us not remembering. Either way, this is an adaptation, so it doesn't really matter. And finally, there was, "You have a girlfriend!?" I mean, what with all the plant business, we figured he'd had a girlfriend (or several), but it never occurred to us that he currently had a girlfriend. That's kind of a new element for a love sim--at least, we haven't encountered it before (although come to think of it, our love sim knowledge is actually fairly shallow).

So Yui is in shock because the man she loves is already taken (the good ones always are...), and she doesn't go to the party. Unfortunately for her, Apollo's chances of graduating are just as bad as ever, so she still has to deal with the guy. On top of that, she realizes that, "Hey wait, if the gods are here to learn about humans and about love, and about liking humans...shouldn't Apollo totally not even be coming here?" So she asks Zeus about it and learns the dark truth! I almost wonder if Apollo's the whole reason Zeus came up with this harebrained school scheme.

So Apollo is dating Cassandra, but in the near future (not sure how Zeus knows this--either he has some future-seeing powers or he had Chronos wind back time after it happened), Apollo decides he loves Cassandra so much that he wants her to know everything about him, including what it's like to be able to see the future. So he gives her the gift of prophecy, but there are some complications in the transfer, and the safety device that prevents people from seeing their own future didn't work. So Cassandra saw her own future, in which she and Apollo break up, and to save herself from the heartache, she decides to end it as soon as possible. Apollo is so hurt by her betrayal that he goes berserk and kills a bunch of people in the Trojan War. So he needs to learn to love humans enough that the betrayal doesn't make him a mass-murderer.

And now it's Yui's job to make that happen, because if Apollo doesn't graduate, Zeus is just going to wipe everybody's memories and make them do it all again. Now we see how this love sim justifies the fact that we're pretty sure you have to have gone through the school year several times before you can unlock Anubis and Thoth as datable characters.

Anyway, Yui and Apollo go back to studying. Yui decides to teach Apollo about the darkness in people's hearts because he needs to learn about the Heartless and save the worlds from...I mean he needs to understand that people don't always do good things and will be more understanding when he is ultimately betrayed. Then she takes him back to the frickin' botanical garden. And we're like, "Is Thoth calling the right character Aho?" But she feels like she can get closure if she goes back there. And finally Apollo tells her what the deal is with the plants. As we suspected, they're just bitter reminders of all his horrible breakups. And people he cared about that died and were then turned into plants.

This is where the really clever plot point comes in. Somebody figured, "Wow, Apollo's had a lot of really bad breakups and tragic deaths in his life. That's gotta take a toll on a guy." See...oh right, I forgot. After the botanical garden thing (where Yui apologizes for accidentally tormenting him and now he feels bad that she feels bad), Apollo noticed that his ring had changed! Oh yeah, I forgot again. All the gods have some kind of accessory that limits their powers and makes them human. They call it a kase, which can be translated to shackle or fetter or something along those lines. Apollo's is a ring (we don't know what Hades's is, because it wasn't really a plot point for him; Apollo's stopped working in both story lines), with a peridot in it to match his green eyes. Only at this point in the story, the peridot has turned black, and it's glowing. Blackly.

Well, that can't be good. So Yui asks Zeus about it, and he's all, "What did you DO!?" and he's pretty much ready to kill Yui and start all over at this point, but he's giving her more time. She asks Hades for help, but neither of them can figure out what she did that would have had such a bad effect on Apollo that his ring determined that he not only shouldn't graduate, but it needs to glow black (still not quite sure how that's worse, but we're pretty sure it is). But they figure she probably needs to find out more about the deal with Cassandra.

And that brings me back to Apollo and the plants, because after bringing so many plants into the world, Apollo decided to give up on everything, and just be the sun god. The sun was working so well that there was a famine because of the heat and lack of rain. And everyone was praying to him like, "Um, hey, could we maybe get some rain now?" and he was like, "......" until everybody gave up and got ready to die. Everybody...but Cassandra, who kept praying and praying. He even said, "She might have just been trying to save herself, but she saved me, too," and so he fell in love with her.

...And that's all we found out before they parted ways and there was a scene with Yui and her roommate Melissa, where s/he told Yui to just tell Apollo all the stuff she knows about everything. And then we decided it was way too late and we needed to go to bed, because we'd just been staring at a tiny screen and reading Japanese on it for three hours straight.

Today I'm thankful for getting to buy more Girl Scout cookies, finding out the deal with the plants, apple slicer thingies, waking up at reasonable time this morning, and our grocery store carrying organic fruit. Seriously, we just decided to start trying this "fruit" thing, and then at the Relief Society activity we had a lecture that was like, "Be careful what fruit you buy because SOME OF IT WILL KILL YOU!" (it wasn't that bad, but we took it that bad).
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