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Am I gonna be turned into an almond tree?

We decided to take another half day today, mostly because we wanted to. But we did have a chapter of UQ Holder! to work on, which helped justify it better. UQ Holder! can take up to half a day, which means anything else we work on will only be worked on for half a day, so we might as well just save it all until next week.

Anyway, of course we've been spending our non-working time playing Kamigami no Asobi, and I'm really liking Apollo's storyline.

It starts out like all the other storylines, of course, but what we did this time that opened up Apollo's storyline was we decided to focus on the student council instead of club activities. Of course Apollo ends up being the student body president, and he's very excited about it, so he insists that you have your first event that very day! So the student council all goes on a picnic (they called it something like a "social activity," but it was basically a picnic), and to get Apollo, you have to choose to have it in the mountains.

I think one of the most intriguing things about spending time in the student council is that you get to see how clumsy Balder is. He'll fall over even if he's just standing there. It's almost maybe he was a penguin made out of paper, that kept blowing away in the wind or something. (Balder is played by the same voice actor as Penguin from Polar Bear's Cafe.)

Anyway, when everyone's all enjoying the view at the mountains, they start commenting on the flowers and how pretty they are, except Apollo, who's looking at you when he comments on the wonderful view. Such a flirt. But then when everyone's all like, "Oooh, I wonder what all these flowers are called!" he sounds very sad as he lists the names of all the flowers. And Yui's like, "Oh, you know about flowers?" and we were like (pretending to be Apollo), "Yeah, I used to know them before they were flowers." And then we were like, "Gaaasp, am I gonna be turned into an almond tree!?"

See, there was an animated series spin-off of Disney's Hercules, and there was one hilarious episode where he ends up babysitting a kindergarten class. They go on a field trip and get lost (or something? we haven't seen the show in years, but oh how we'd love to buy it on DVD! we need to email the Disney Movie Club or something), and to calm them down, Hercules decides to tell them a story. He sees an almond tree nearby, so he tells them the story of Phyllis, a woman who was so sad about her husband's death that the gods mercifully turned her into an almond tree. And of course the kids freak out, because they don't want to be turned into almond trees. And because he finished the story by eating an almond--"Did you just eat her eyeball!?"

Anyway, the point is, pretty much all the vegetation in Greek mythology came about because somebody was sad, and in many cases, I think it was a woman who was not romantically interested in one of the gods. So Apollo wouldn't be to happy about that, we're guessing. Hades got pretty upset when people asked him to tell them the stories behind the constellations for the same reason.

But we're not supposed to catch on to any of that. Or at least, Yui's not. Later, Thoth announces, with sadistic glee, that it looks like all the gods will graduate except for Apollo. Apollo is pretty broken up about that, so he goes on a study binge, and to keep him from studying himself to death, Yui invites him out...and takes him to the school's botanical garden, because she notices how interested he seems to be in plants. When you get there, he's all, "Why...did you bring me here?" in that tone of voice that says, "I'm trying to give you the benefit of the doubt, but are you trying to torment me?" And Yui's all, "I thought you'd like it because you're so interested in plants! ...Was I wrong?" and Apollo's like, "......No! I totally love it here! Wow, thanks for bringing me! Ah ha ha ha ha ha! Ha ha! Ha!" And Yui's like, "Uh...oookay."

Then there's the cutest incident because while you're wandering around looking at the plants, you get separated, and a little while later, Apollo starts freaking out and trying desperately to find you. And he's sooo relieved to find you, and it's so adorable! And Yui's like, "Uhhh..." and he says, "I was just...afraid you might have stopped being you." And we were like, "Gaaaasp! Am I gonna be turned into an almond tree!?" And then he makes sure to walk you all the way back to your dorm, to make sure nothing happens to you. After you torment him more by sticking around in the botanical gardens a little longer. We tried to say, "Hey, let's get out of here." but the game was all, "No, that's not the best answer." and we were like, "Ugh, we have to go back and get the best answer."

Then the whole subject gets changed because Apollo has figured out exactly the event he needs to plan to get everyone to have a better attitude about school (possibly also enhancing his own chances of graduation)--a beach trip. So they plan everything and Apollo even makes swimsuits for everyone, even though this whole thing was planned in just one day...and when the season changes from spring, it goes straight to autumn. Not so good for a beach trip. So Apollo gets super mad and goes and yells at his dad. We'd noticed that he was calling him Zeus and not dad, despite his constantly referring to Hades as Uncle Hades, so we figured something was up, and it turns out Apollo hates Zeus at least as much as Hades does. Zeus basically says "It's autumn--deal with it," so Apollo decides they're going to have the beach trip anyway, because he refuses to give in to Zeus stupid-headedness.

Then there was the best scene...that makes me feel like we might really get along with Loki. Everyone was like, "Wow, yeah, the beach is beautiful...but it's way too cold to go swimming." But Apollo would not be deterred! He begged the other student council members to go swimming with him, and actually managed to get Tsukuyomi to join him (and Susa-no-o was like, "No, Ani! Don't do it!"), so we got a great still of Apollo and Tsukuyomi freezing in the water while Loki looks on and laughs (Susa-no-o and Dionysus were in it, too; the former was freaking out and the latter was trying to convince people to be reasonable, "We get it, Apollo. The ocean is great. We're still not going in.").

The only thing to salvage the beach party is fireworks! So there's a big fireworks show, which we don't get to see, but it had a slightly amusing element because Apollo calls Yui "Yousei-san." I'm not sure what translation would fit best in Greek mythology, but based on Apollo's reasoning for why he calls her that, we like to go with "pixie." And that makes her like Tinkerbell, who is in all the fireworks shows at Disneyland. So the fireworks started and we were like, "Pfft, she's Tinkerbell!"

And then the chapter finally ended (everything from Thoth's announcement to the fireworks was in one chapter--including three stills!), and it was almost time to go to the Relief Society activity, so we stopped playing.

I have to mention something from the Relief Society activity, though. Towards the end, I found myself sitting on the stage with all the kids who'd been brought along (theoretically there was babysitting, but...), and one of the kids, out of the blue, asked me if I like Disneyland. Later, his little brother was running away from me (or something--I was distracted playing with our neighbor's daughter), so the kid yells at him to come back, "No, she's nice! She likes Disneyland!"

Today I'm thankful for Apollo's adorableness, fond remembrances of the Hercules animated series, having a great time at the Relief Society activity, kids with good judgment, and graham cracker pie crust.
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