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Hanging from a cliff

Due to yesterday's poor scheduling, we ended up with lots of cliffhangers! First, there was Kamigami no Asobi.

We decided to go back and try to get Hades's non-romantic ending, which meant telling him that the astronomy club was making a planetarium in an effort to convince him to stay. Well, that made Hades so happy that the curse decided the whole bad luck thing wasn't working, and decided to possess Apollo instead. Hades is convinced that the only way to solve Apollo's problem is for him to accept the curse again and give up all hope of ever being happy. So one of the two of them is doomed to be miserable forever.

It was really dramatic, too--there was a scene where Hades was like, "I don't know if I can do it." Once he had had a taste of being happy, he wanted to stay that way. But then there was another dramatic scene, where Zeus was like, "I know I'm like the worst father ever, but I really care about my son, and I want you to save him."

So we went to confront Apollo and the curse...

and then the chapter ended, so we stopped playing because we wanted to watch Noragami before we went to bed. Well, if we didn't want to end the night on a cliffhanger, that was certainly not a good decision. Yikes. And now we have to wait a whole week for any resolution on that one.

In the meantime...our Kinokuniya order arrived today. Our very efficient editor sent us some books before we could say, "Oh hey, by the way, here's our new address." It turned out to be more like us going, "Oh wait we need to give you our new..." "And, sent!" "...address." We waited a few days to see if the books showed up anyway, but I guess our change of address forms expired, so we waited in vain. And so we ordered the books we needed from Kinokuniya! Tadah! And since they came today, that means we have something to work on tomorrow other than the annoying lexicon thingy. So that's exciting.

Today I'm thankful for being done with the longest portion of the lexicon thing, our books coming today, having delicious vanilla ice cream, having slightly more time for recreation today, and the lovely Family Home Evening we had last night on prayer.
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