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To be honest, we were hoping to take more time off today to play our new video game. Not that that would have been a good idea anyway, but we got some stuff to translate this morning, so that plan was thwarted. It's just as well, though, because I have plenty to say about what we've already done in the game.

As it turns out, this love sim is very kind in that the individual stories (or at least the one so far) are very short. We already got one ending for Hades, and then, because they make it easy to skip stuff and because it was the bad(?) ending, we went back to get the other one! But there's still a non-romantic ending that we haven't gotten.

See, during the course of the game, you build up "brave" points, and at certain key points in the game, the Thread of Fate shows up, and you have to choose which drastically different path you're going to take. Usually, one path will require a certain amount of brave, while the other one requires zero. The more we played, the more I realized how much I like this idea, because you usually get points for doing the thing that will take the most guts to do. (And yet when the Thread of Fate shows up, you get the better(?) ending when you have enough brave to choose the not brave thing to do.)

So anyway, this is where it's going to get spoilery, so stop reading if you don't want to be spoiled for the anime.

The concept for Hades in this game is pretty cool--he's a big fan of astronomy. Not something you'd expect from the lord of the underworld, but if you think about the mythology and how he only got that job because he drew the short straw, it makes a lot of sense. There's also some stuff about how he thinks Zeus is unfit to rule the sky, but that didn't really get resolved.

Anyway, the other thing about Hades is that he's extremely unlucky--like to the point of "accidentally" ending up in life-threatening situations--because all the dead people in Tartarus resent their deaths so much that their negative thoughts have cursed him. So after you go out of your way to recruit Apollo, Susa-no-o, and Dionysus to the astronomy club, he decides he can't be in it anymore because he doesn't want to put anyone in any danger. Apollo and Susa-no-o are all like, "No, dude, it's totally awesome--see, we'll even get struck by lightning to make this club work!" Hades insists on leaving the club anyway, and that's where you have Options.

We went for the option that required more brave, and that led to Hades falling so madly in love with you that he decides he has to stay away from you for your own good, so he convinces Zeus to let him go back to Tartarus, ideally never to see you again. Well, obviously any good love interest is not going to let things stay that way, so off you go to Tartarus to bring him back. (There's kind of a touching scene where Zeus laments not being able to do anything to help his brother. Awwww.)

So you go through the underworld, and finally you find Hades, and he's wearing this costume that is. so. ticklish! For some reason, his left side is completely uncovered (I don't know--maybe just below his hip is covered, but the picture doesn't go that low), so we both had this urge to tickle him there. And then we imagined being tickled there, and started giggling--at the thought of being tickled and the silly aspect of the outfit.

Anyway, after not as much convincing as you would expect, Hades agrees to go back to school with you, but you have to do the Orpheus thing, and not look back while you're escorting him out of the underworld. Then you have Options again. We didn't have enough brave points (we were two brave short out of twenty-two!) to get the good(?) ending, so we did the thing we think Yui (the heroine) should have done anyway and refused to look back. Well, if you do that, you get to the exit of the underworld, Hades hugs you, tells you one last goodbye, and then pushes you out the exit, closing the door behind you. And the door disappears. So you cry for a while, and then you graduate from Zeus's school...

...and you go back to Japan, at exactly the same time you left, and you've forgotten everything...and then you die. No, seriously.

Okay, actually, you're struck by a very sudden, very fast-acting mysterious illness, and right as you feel your life slipping away, you see a mysterious shadowy figure (Hades) who says, "I'll protect you," and then you don't die after all. And you're like, "I wonder who that mysterious shadowy figure was," and you feel sad that you'll never get to see him again. The end.

(We think the sudden death thing was hinting at Anubis, but we won't be sure until later.)

Well, that wasn't too satisfactory, but considering that it didn't require any brave points, we figured it was the bad ending, so we went back, redid some choices, and got enough brave to get the good(?) ending. And there we were, trying to get out of the underworld again, having to decide whether to look back or not.

So we looked back to see if Hades was really still following us outside...and there he is with this horrified look on his face (which was actually pretty adorable), asking, "Why did you look back? Now you can never leave!" And you're like, "I don't care! I want to spend my life with you, even if you are cursed with eternal misery!" And Hades is like, "Really?" and you're like, "Really!" and he's like, "Okay, then till death do us part," and you're like, "That means forever, because we're in the world of the dead♥" and then you start making out. Like, seriously, that was some major face-eating. It was really rather awkward, because for like three pages of text (you know, like video game text), Hades is all, "" And we were like, "Oh my gosh, game. Seriously. Stop it. Stop it!" I don't know if it was supposed to be romantic or what, but it really broke the mood for both of us. I mean, really, the visual of Hades kissing Yui was enough (if you look close enough, you can even tell there was probably tongue).

(Athena says it was only two pages of text, but it went on forever and ever. It was way too long, is what I'm saying. The thing is, when I like fictional characters, I like to think of myself as their friend--not their stalker. They can go ahead and get a room, thanks. (This is also part of why we were uncomfortable with some scenes in volume two of Say I Love You. Like, whoa. (But the Hades kiss wasn't nearly that bad.)))

Anyway, regardless of the gratuitous kiss noises, we really weren't sure if that ending was better. I mean, I guess it was romantic, but couldn't they have, I don't know, at least not ended up rejecting all their friends or something? It was just like, "Um...okay?" Apparently there are a couple more Hades endings (in addition to the non-romantic one), though, so we'll see what happens after we unlock the secret content.

Today I'm thankful for getting a good amount of work done, Page finding an adorable new place to sleep, getting to listen to the Missions of Love Hot Springs Bonus Drama, our Kinokuniya order being scheduled to arrive tomorrow, and Hades' ticklish outfit.
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