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Last week, I posted about the Gospel Essentials class. The week before, I posted about Primary. This week, the two worlds collide!

In Gospel Essentials, we had a really great lesson on the Holy Ghost. We heard some great stories about how the Holy Ghost influences our lives and helps us out and comforts us. (Here's a link to the lesson from the lesson manual.) Then, as a cute little reminder to take with us, the ward mission leader had prepared Holy Ghost lollipops for everyone, made with lollipops and tissues. They looked like the little teruteru bozu things they make in Japan as little "rain, rain, go away" kind of charms, and we were like, "But we want the rain to stay!"

Anyway, after third hour, we met up with our ride, who happens to be the mother of the adorable little girl who can't sit still in Primary. This little girl wasn't too happy about going out to the car, so her mother appeased her by telling her she had a Holy Ghost lollipop for her. The little girl responded with, "I don't like holy ghostes! They have coconuts in them!"

I have no idea where she got the idea that holy ghosts have coconut in them, but I hear her on not liking coconut.

Today I'm thankful for awesome little handouts in Sunday school, getting to sit and read with Page, the chapter selection feature in Kamigami no Asobi, getting up in time to get ready for church despite forgetting to turn the alarm on, and getting more rain today.
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