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We have mostly taken the day off today, and it has been lovely. We were finally able to do our laundry, and the rain was nice enough to let up just when we were taking our clothes to the laundry room, and just when we were going to retrieve them. In the meantime, we watched Space Brothers. Maybe one day, we'll finally get serious about catching up on that series.

The other main thing we did today was play Kamigami no Asobi, which we're liking a lot.

I mentioned this months and months ago, but the game is about...well, it involves deities from different mythologies all going to high school together. They idea is for them to learn about humans and about love--not romantic love, because according to the game slogan, apparently that's forbidden...which is of course why this game is a love sim.

We weren't sure which character to go after first, so Athena just answered all the questions as herself, and this game is nice enough to put you on one character's path pretty early on. So now we're getting close to Hades, and he's so sad, which makes him so cute. It takes us back to our college days, when we'd watch anime with our friends and some characters we'd describe as "needing hugs." That's Hades in this game. And Apollo calls him Uncle Hades all the time, which amuses us for so many reasons (not the least of which being that according to our family tree, one of our lines leads back to Poseidon, which would make Hades our uncle, too!).

We're a little sad that apparently Anubis is a secret character, because we haven't seen any signs of him (except for the opening sequence). But that hopefully means that when we can get to him, his story will be super awesome. In the meantime, the Egyptian gods are represented by Thoth, who is hilarious. I don't know how Zeus roped him into helping with this whole high school thing, because he obviously is not the least bit interested. He's supposed to be the teacher, but one day he walked in, and the main girl was standing at the lectern, so he was like, "Oh, I see you don't need me. Bye." And he left! Just like that!

I think one of the hard parts about the game is that it has action sequences...and no visuals. So it will be nice to see the game animated. We really hope the story is a little more cohesive than the Uta no Prince-sama anime, though. It was fun, but it wasn't...there. (Uta no Prince-sama and Kamigami no Asobi are games by the same people.)

Loki is pretty hilarious. You can tell he's always up to something, which is exactly how he's supposed to be, and they do it in such a way that you're really worried about what he might try to pull. And there are mythology quizzes! And Susa-no-o (nicknamed Takeru) is so tiny compared to the other characters! I seem to remember reading somewhere that his name means "impetuous male," so it seems a little fitting in that case, but I always pictured him as being...not little, I guess.

Oh, right, here's the official website, so you can see the character designs.

Today I'm thankful for getting our laundry done, being able to take a little time to relax, the super duper cute Sora outfits in Kingdom Hearts [chi] (you can dress your character like Sora now! the girl version is adorable), getting to play our new game, and the rain letting up whenever we needed to transport clothes.
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