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Getting the mail

We had to leave our apartment several times today, because of trying to do laundry and really going to the grocery store, but on the bright side, that means we actually retrieved our mail today. The mailbox is a little far away, so we're not very enthusiastic about emptying it. But the point is, it turns out we got Frozen on its release date after all (possibly a day before; we'd know if we checked our mail more frequently). ...And it kind of makes me sigh.

Athena says it like this, "I liked it, overall. Like I like the Lion King overall." There were things we liked, definitely, like the idea that oh hey, not all love is romantic. And while it did have very stunning visuals, they were stunning visuals that we like the look of. And I didn't hate the characters.'s like Rugrats.

Back in the day, eeeverybody loved Rugrats. It drove us crazy. We would watch it occasionally, and we usually enjoyed it when we did, but we never really loved it. We didn't understand why it was so incredibly popular. And it certainly did not help the situation at all that all the girls we'd see walking around high school with Rugrats figurines clipped to their backpacks were the same girls who mocked us, and even called us childish, for liking other quality cartoons like Animaniacs. And so, through no fault of its own, Rugrats became something we hated.

It's a similar thing with Frozen. We don't understand why it's so popular, and it especially bugs us when we get the feeling that people (like the actress who played Anna) are saying, "It's so much better than those other princess movies."

So that's why we were really happy to read this really long article that basically says, "Look, guys. Frozen is not 'so much better' than the other princess movies." Finally! Somebody else gets it! Somebody else was paying attention and knows that Ariel did not just "change for her man"!

There are some points we disagree with, the main one being her constant assertion that Disney has always been about the money. We were like, "Um, you know that everyone was convinced Snow White would be a massive box office failure, right?" Walt Disney did whatever he wanted to do, whether or not he expected it to make money. But at least she's paying attention to the actual content of the movies, even if she doesn't know the behind-the-scenes. (Although she forgot that Tangled does end with an engagement.) And she hits almost every reason we had for not loving Frozen and then some.

Anyway, we recommend the article, but it is really long, so here's a quick excerpt:

"Think about your typical male-dominated action or adventure movie. The man sets out to save the kingdom, find the Holy Grail, slay the dragon, or whatever it is that drives his story. The hero accomplishes his goal, and it’s usually pretty much a given that he finds love along the way. The social contract in a male-driven movie is that he is offered a woman as a bonus prize; no matter how aloof or damaged or resistant she is, the hero will win her over and claim her love. It’s a sh---- social contract, but that’s what we expect it to be.

In Disney princess movies, that social contract is turned precisely on its head. The princess starts her story with a goal or dream. She undergoes trials and tests in pursuit of that dream, usually making new friends along the way. Once she achieves that dream — which she invariably does — she is usually given a prince as a reward (notable exceptions include Pocahontas and Brave), the prince more often than not being one of the friends she has met along the way."

Long story short: we have Frozen on Blu-ray now, but we don't know when we'll watch it. Not because of that article--more because we have a stack of Blu-rays we haven't watched, and Frozen isn't very high on the list.

Today I'm thankful for having retrieved our mail, having supplies that should keep us from having to go to the store in the rain, rain being in the forecast, Butterfinger peanut butter cups being on sale, and making better progress at work than it at first seemed like we'd make.
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