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Adventures in Sunday school

Today was going to be Athena's first Sunday teaching the Gospel Essentials class! ...But, because our ward leadership got switched around right after we got our callings, the Sunday School president wasn't sure what was going on, so he asked somebody else to teach instead. Bullet: dodged.

But, since the ward mission leader had asked her to teach, and she had spent some time preparing a lesson, WML had her sit up front where the teachers are supposed to sit and be the color person. Not to be confused with "colored person," the color person, apparently, is supposed to fill in the blanks and "add color," so to speak, to the lesson.

Today, the lesson was on Adam and Eve, and the Fall. There were some good things said, and Athena even got a chance to "add color"! See, in the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints, we believe that the Fall of Adam was a good thing--it was all part of the plan of salvation, that involved us leaving Heavenly Father to be tested and tried, and to grow and learn to be more like Him, and if it hadn't happened, we wouldn't be able to go forward with that plan. Of course, that leads to the inevitable question of, "If it was necessary for Adam and Eve to partake of the forbidden fruit, why was it forbidden?"

Well, that happened to be one of the questions Athena paid particular attention to when she was preparing her lesson, so she was able to read the following quote:

"Some people have wondered why, since the Fall was necessary for eternal progression, God did not just place Adam and Eve in a fallen condition to begin with. But if Heavenly Father caused men to become mortal then He would ultimately be responsible for all the pain, sin, and sorrow that would come to man because of mortal life. Adam had to have the freedom to choose to eat the fruit and fall. Because of agency, man became responsible for his own destiny. Of course, Heavenly Father’s plan also includes the means by which He can redeem all of His children from this fallen state, but they must again exercise their agency and choose to accept the plan. Because God gave Adam and Eve the gift of agency, and because Adam and Eve exercised their agency, we can make righteous decisions based on gospel principles and ultimately become like God."

To which the ward mission leader replied emphatically, "Color." (Specifically green, Athena adds, because that's the color she had highlighted it in.) (He said that because we were very confused about the role of a "color person," so that was to say, "You see? That's what a color person does.")

Today I'm thankful for having a lovely day at church today, getting to see a picture of our newest nephew in his Link costume, the local grocery store having chocolate croissants (10 for $5!), the Gospel Library app, and having chocolate chocolate chip cookie dough to bake later.
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