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Oh man, Kodansha did a pretty good job wreaking havoc with my concentration today. Not one, but TWO titles announced that we want to work on! It really freaked me out, because I was like, "What!? They have this series? But weeee wanna translate that!" Seriously, we were already planning to add GDGD Dogs to our next manga order, which we were planning to make soon. In fact, the only reason we haven't made the order yet is that we're way too busy and distracted to let ourselves spend time on spending money.

Fortunately, we already know that just because Kodansha has announced a title does not mean they've picked a translator for it yet. Less fortunately, they announced two titles we want to work on! So even though we've already asked our editors if they would pretty please let us work on one of them (come to think of it, I didn't say "pretty" please...and I'm not sure if we even said please...hopefully that's not a big problem), I feel like it would be super greedy of us to ask for both! There are other translators out there in need of work, you know!

So on the one hand, we're happy to let the editors assign the titles to whomever they think would be best for the job, but on the other hand, we're translators, so obviously we think we're the best for every job. But anyway, hopefully we'll get to translate at least one of them.

In the meantime, we need to focus on the work we already have, or we won't have any time to work on anything new! But how are we supposed to focus when we're so distracted!?

Fortunately, today's work was pretty interesting, so the distraction went away, until I started thinking about it again, and now I'm all, "AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHH!"

Anyway, here's hoping for the best.

Today I'm thankful for having interesting work to distract us from distractions, Page being a good sport about not getting to lie down on the laptop, making good enough progress at work today that I think we will be able to breathe again pretty soon (I would like to point out that we wouldn't be quite so rushed on everything if we weren't so determined to get things in significantly ahead of deadline), our PSP adapter finally getting shipped, and the Peanut Butter Twix we had at snack time.
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