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Adorable Primary Stories

It's kind of hard to focus on updating LiveJournal when I'm singing along with Disney songs. We could turn the music off, but why?

Anyway, today we have our first installment of Adorable Primary Stories. First, some explanation: Primary is where all the kids in church go while their parents are in Relief Society or Priesthood meetings. It's divided into two parts: Singing Time (which is where I come in as the pianist) and Sharing Time (which is where the Primary leaders share a lesson with the kids).

So for Sharing Time, the kids were learning about how we were all created in God's image, so for the activity part of the lesson, the leader had the kids take turns rolling a die. On each side of the die there was a body part (eyes, ears, mouth, feet, hands, and mind), and then the kid would say what good thing they could do with that body part (like your ears can be used to listen to good things).

But the point is they were taking turns. There's one little girl in the Primary who is just...a pistol? Is that where that term is used? I don't know, but she always wants a turn right away, so she's always jumping up to volunteer, and yet for some reason they never call on her first. ...Possibly because if they don't call on her first, they can tell her to sit quietly so they can call on her, and then she'll sit quietly until she gets a turn...but only until she gets a turn.

Anyway, if that was the strategy, it failed today, because this girl has an older boyfriend who is also in the Primary. He usually sits quietly (except when he whispers to her), so he tends to get called on pretty early on. And today, after a kid had a turn, they would choose the next person. So obviously he gave the die to his girlfriend. (I don't think they're really boyfriend and girlfriend, but they are definitely very fond of each other.)

So now it was this girl's turn, and she took her turn...but she couldn't just give the die back to her boyfriend, so she had to choose someone else. She went to the back of the room where the older girls were sitting and chose one of them, commenting, "She's as beautiful as I am!"

Today I'm thankful for getting to play the piano in the Primary, getting to try the Thanks-a-lot Girl Scout Cookies, getting to sing along with our Koe no Ouji-sama songs, getting to watch Psych last night, and finding the oatmeal at the grocery store yesterday.
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