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Today there were more Girl Scout Cookies on sale! This time, it was a booth outside the grocery store, and there were two little Daisies dressed up as cookies! Oh my goodness, it was the cutest thing. One was a Lemonade and the other light blue one. Which ones are in the light blue box? I don't remember. Also, the leader of the troop had done her research and knew why the names changed. Apparently she gets asked that a lot. Go figure. (The answer: they still have the same names; it just depends on which manufacturer you get them from.) (We didn't ask--we just insisted on using the other names.)

I feel like I had something translation-related to talk about today, but I can't remember what it was. So instead, I'll talk about backgrounds!

We were watching Nisekoi this morning, and we almost missed a whole conversation because the two characters were standing in front of a bulletin board, and the signs were very distracting. And they kept changing! (Eventually, we learned to pause the video whenever there was a new sign, then we could read the sign and go back to the show without missing anything.) First, there was a "lost" poster for one of the turtles Raku and Chitoge were in charge of taking care of, then there was a sign that said "I want chocolate," and then there was a sign next to it that said "Me, too." I don't know if it's the animators or the background artists or what, but it's awesome.

In last week's episode, there was a swim meet, and there was a sign on the wall that said "watch for sharks." And then! there were sharks in the pool! It had nothing to do with the story at all--just dorsal fins swimming by--but oh man. I wonder if that's in the manga, too. Hmmm...

It reminded me of when we went to see Beauty and the Beast the other day, and I was looking at backgrounds. I think it was the first time I noticed that...okay, you know when they're singing "Belle," and Belle is walking through the town not paying attention to anything because she's reading? And she goes under a window right when someone's tossing water out of it, but she manages to stay dry by pushing the sign up so it blocks the water? For the first time I made the connection that the sign had a picture of a pipe on it--you know, like the kind you smoke out of. She was putting out the pipe!

It reminded me of the one time we were in line for It's A Small World, and it went by one of the smoking areas, and Gaston told us his idea that if it's going to be legal to smoke, it should also be legal to douse lit cigarettes with the nearest liquid on hand. "I just saved your life. You're welcome," he added.

There's also an incident with signs in Beauty and the Beast. When Maurice is on his way to take his invention to the fair, and he comes across the fork in the road, then there's a sign post pointing out all the various destinations. Only two of the signs are legible. The sign pointing down the nice road reads "Anaheim," and the sign pointing down the scary-looking shortcut reads "Valencia." The joke is that Anaheim is where Disneyland is, and Valencia is where Magic Mountain (the rival theme park, beloved by thrill-seekers but generally considered to be...we'll just say it's "on the other side of the tracks," as far as theme parks go) is. Tadah! One Beauty and the Beast in-joke explained. (Incidentally, Glendale, where Beauty and the Beast was animated, is inbetween the two cities.)

Today I'm thankful for having more Girl Scout Cookies, having ingredients for our next cooking adventure, the awesome signs in Nisekoi, two of our bears hats arriving, and our Disney movies arriving.
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