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Today Page has shown that she shares our trait of being willing to work past annoyingness to get what she wants. We had come up with a way to get her to stay off the laptop keyboard when we need her to stay off of it. Our recent Kinokuniya order came with a piece of bubble wrap just the right size to cover the laptop perfectly. Page didn't like it. She would step on the keyboard anyway, but instead of getting settled on top of it like she usually did, she would very quickly walk to the other side of the keyboard, as if it was just an obstacle in her path.

Well, today she decided she'd had enough of that--she was going to sit on the keyboard come hell or high water. So despite it's bubble wrap covering, she sat on the keyboard. This does not bode well for our future.

On the other hand, she mostly seems to do it when she wants attention, and once she's been there for a while, she's happy to go back to the bedroom where all the snuggly blankets are and let us get back to work. She's such a good kitty.

As for us, we started a new assignment today which is pretty much like All Lexicon All the Time. Fortunately for us, it's nowhere near as in-depth as the Negima lexicons, so it's not so hard to translate, but it does involve a lot of fact-checking, which can be rather time-consuming. Sigh.

But we did get to make an order from Amazon, which is completely unrelated to that last paragraph, but is still pretty exciting. And by "get to" we mean something more along the lines of "decide against our better judgment to." Not that there was a whole lot of judgment involved, aside from, "Should we really be spending money on frivolities?" to which the answer was, "It's not that frivolous! It's books! That's learnin'!" But we had to spend fifty more cents to qualify for free shipping! So we added a copy of Hamlet to our Hans Christian Andersen fairy tale collection, copy of 1001 Arabian Nights, and the Sony AC adapter we got for the PSP. We would have gotten Beauty and the Beast, but they only had an eBook version available, so instead we wanted to get a journal or something by John Smith (for Pocahontas), but those are expensive! And we only needed fifty cents! So, even though we know the producers of The Lion King didn't originally set out to make it a lionly retelling of Hamlet, we figured it couldn't hurt to have a copy of it, and Shakespeare works can be obtained for more reasonable prices. And so our Disney Reading Project continues.

(But of course the real motivation behind the order was that we wanted the AC adapter for the PSP, so we could play Kamigami no Asobi before the anime starts this spring.)

Today I'm thankful for getting to order stuff from Amazon, having a kitty who is willing to go out of her comfort zone when it's really important to her, having good prospects of finally being assigned a garage, getting to try the "Lemonade" Girl Scout Cookies we bought, and getting to watch a new episode of Noragami last night.
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