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The adventure continues...

I'm happy to say that today's adventures in cooking were much less exciting than our last ones. This week, we're making caramel french toast, which only had a two-crown difficulty level in our Disney Princess Cookbook. (It's also a Tiana recipe, which brings up the interesting point that the recipes we find most appealing in that book are attributed to our least favorite princesses. Merida has a recipe for oatmeal ice cream.)

There was a little bit of added excitement in that this recipe requires eggs. Oh my goodness, eggs are so scary. Not to eat so much as to handle. First, we had to find a carton of eggs that looked like they weren't cracked, which is really hard to do at our local grocery store. In fact, we tried a couple of weeks ago when Gaston and Alice came over, and it looked like there wasn't a single carton that didn't have egg whites leaking throughout it. And since we're overly afraid of criticism, we ended up not buying any because we knew that if we had eggs, Gaston and Alice would be eating them. They're really nice, though, and if it was even an issue about the cracked eggs, they'd probably commiserate with us about having a store with so many cracked eggs, but still. We didn't want to risk it.

Anyway, we did manage to find a carton of whole-looking eggs last week, so we bought it! Ha! And we walked all the way home with it, which was an ordeal in and of itself. We bought a lot of groceries that week. And then we were all ready to make some caramel french toast, but since it's not french toast toast (it's more like a french toast casserole), the recipe calls for aluminum foil. D'oh. We were foiled by foil! (Or the lack thereof, which is even more ironic. We were foiled by the absence of foil.)

We didn't have aluminum foil until yesterday. And actually we ended up not having bread for the recipe, either, because we were planning to see if we could get some at Bread Day at church...and then we didn't have aluminum foil, so we didn't try that hard.

So anyway, we got everything we needed at the store yesterday, and today we got to cooking it! Which brings me back to eggs. We actually weren't too intimidated by the "breaking them" part--we'd done that before, and Athena was even adept enough that we're pretty sure there were no eggshells in the mixture. The scary part...came from the brush we had with what may or may not have been salmonella over the Christmas holidays. Based on all the accounts we'd heard of other people suffering from the same symptoms, I have a strong suspicion that it was actually the stomach flu, but the point is, germs are scary, and we had had a recent reminder of just how scary they can be.

There was a lot of hand-washing. But we got everything together! ...and put it in the fridge, because it has to refrigerate for at least four hours. We won't know how it turned out for another five hours at least. But! we got to use our super pretty casserole dish from our super pretty set of china! When I was unpacking the set, I was like, "Oh man, these dishes are so pretty--we have to use them! ...But we don't cook. We need somebody to come over and cook a fancy dinner so we can use our pretty dishes. ...But we don't eat fancy dinners. We need somebody to come over and make chicken and spaghetti." We could make the spaghetti ourselves, but we have a thing against raw meat (see: salmonella).

Today I'm thankful for finally having all the fixings for caramel french toast, having a disaster-free cooking experience, getting to see pictures of our nephews, today's choir performance going really well, and there being boys in the Primary who really like singing.
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