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Sing-Along Under the Stars

I think things may finally, finally be slowing down. At least for a day or two, we hope. And! since we were finally doing work today that didn't require the use of both computers, we were able to let Page spend some time on her favorite place--the laptop keyboard. (Athena says, "I don't know if it's her favorite place, so much as she resents not being allowed on it." That, and the fact that we've been constantly spending all our time in the boring office, not cuddling with Page, and then going off to all kinds of places like church and Disneyland, probably had Page especially determined to claim her place there.)

Yesterday I almost felt like Cinderella. Disneyland is having a thing called Sing-Along Under the Stars, where annual passholders get to go to the area behind the petting zoo and watch a Disney movie, with the lyrics across the screen to help you sing along whenever a song came up. This week, they're doing Beauty and the Beast, and we really, really, really wanted to go, but we weren't sure if we'd finish all our work--our bonus extra work, seemingly designed to kill all the joy in our life--in time.

But finish it we did, and so off we went to Disneyland! Hurray!

We were really worried, because they said space was limited, and we weren't sure we would get there before they filled it up. But we made it, and we were very happy. There was still time before the party venue opened up, though, so we did some shopping at the Frontierland pin shop, where we discovered they have a mystery pin set of Disney Chinese Zodiac pins! Oh my goodness, as the translators of the Fruits Basket manga, we're morally obligated to collect the whole set! ...Okay, maybe not, but we want to! We're not sure our bank account agrees with us, though. We'll see.

We also went on Indiana Jones, and maybe one of these days I'll talk about the recent change they made on that ride, but today, I'm talking about the Sing-Along Under the Stars.

So we went to the venue and discovered that we probably shouldn't have taken the time to go on Indiana Jones, because it was half full already! That's okay, we've seen the movie a bunch of times already, so it's not like seating is that important...but still.

When we got there, there were some cast members handing out light-up roses to everybody, which we used during the show. We were like, "Awesome, they're like light sticks!" So you can guess what we were doing during the song "Beauty and the Beast." There was an MC who coached us (before the movie) on other "movie moves" (like dance moves, but you can do them sitting down, because it's not cool to stand up during a movie) that we could do, like holding up our roses whenever the enchanted rose came on screen, howling whenever the wolves showed up, etc. It was pretty awesome--we love things with audience participation.

The MC also hosted a pre-show, which first involved Beauty and the Beast trivia. We missed most of that, because we were getting seats and snacks (there was complimentary popcorn, water, and hot chocolate (the latter of which we failed to get because they were running out when I got to that line, and I didn't want to wait an extra ten minutes while I was holding Athena and my water and popcorn)), but after a short break, the MC came back and had a Beast vs Gaston face-off. She called six adorable children from the audience and assigned three of them to be the Beast and three of them to be Gaston. The Beasts had to show off their beast roar, and the Gastons had to show off their muscles. The audience voted on which child was the best of each, and the winners faced off against each other. Gaston ended up being a very assertive four-year-old girl. And all of the children got Disney plushes, but the two winners got bigger ones.

Right before they started the movie, they announced a special "surprise"! And to no one's surprise (actually, I think some people were surprised), they proceeded to introduce Belle! Tadah! And she talked a little like Snow White. Hm. (I like Snow White, but I like it better when people realize that she and Belle are not the same person.) So Belle came out and said she was glad to see all of us, and then she introduced her other friends, who were a little bit more of a surprise--Beast, Lumiere and Cogsworth. They posed for a little while as everyone took pictures on their phones, and then we watched the movie.

And it was super fun, the end.

We got so into singing, that we sometimes sang along with the instrumental parts of the soundtrack, and sometimes I had to stop myself from talking along with the all the speaking parts. We were a little surprised that people didn't sing during all the songs--that was the whole point, wasn't it? But the point is, we got to sing along, and it was awesome. (We actually don't sing along with Disney movies at all when we watch them at home, because that's the time for us to be watching a movie, not singing along with a movie. It's an entirely different experience.) I think my only disappointment is that they didn't show the end credits. I mean, sure I've seen them a million times already, but that's not the point! I think what they should have done, because the movie ends with Belle and her prince dancing, is have the Disneyland Belle come out and dance with her prince on the stage while the credit rolled.

Oh well.

Today I'm thankful for getting to have a great time at the Sing-Along Under the Stars, having a slightly easier work day today, Page having satisfied her need to sit on the laptop, the neat little light-up roses we have to remember the sing-along by, and having time to play the newly-tuned piano.
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