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This week...oh my goodness this week. And it's only Tuesday! So hopefully it's not really this week. Not that it's been very bad, just...arghful. It started Sunday night when we got some more material to translate. That would have been fine by itself, but we also got back all the material we translated over the last three (very busy) weeks, with instructions to go over it again and fix it (mostly cosmetic changes, like comma placements and stuff (we know (usually) the proper use of a comma, but when it gets to be something like, "Oh, Aladdin. I was just thinking about you," as opposed to, "Oh, Aladdin (<--name chosen at random), I was just thinking about you," then it turns into...well it does tend to affect the nuance, actually, but since we disagree with our editor's preference on this, we're calling it a cosmetic change). That had us pretty unhappy and stressed out, especially since we'd really like to get back to some of the series we've been putting off through all this (although we do really like the project we're working on--we just reeeally hate having to go over it all. Again).

Anyway, the sudden extreme increase in workload had me significantly less happy about having an appointment today, which would take even more time out of our schedule, but in the end, of course I was pretty happy with the results. As I mentioned before, my old piano teacher came over to tune the piano. It was really nice to see him again--we talked about playing music at church and how it baffles us that people hide the fact that they play for fear of having Isn't that why you learn the piano? So you can play it?

I also found out that his daughter-in-law (oh my goodness, I remember babysitting his son! ...but it was probably more like supervising, since he's only like a year or two younger than we are) introduced him to Studio Ghibli, so he's a fan of Joe Hisaishi! And I felt terrible after the visit, because I was like, "Yeah, I'm actually not really into his music." Argh, don't be such a snob!

Anyway, Piano Teacher told me that he has a scrapbook of all his piano students--he's got more than four hundred! And I was one of his first ten. Wow. And he's taught Geena Davis! ...At least, that's what his daughter told us once. I'm not sure we ever confirmed with the teacher himself, but Athena might remember seeing a picture of her, like, at his piano or something.

One of the best parts was we got to start the day accompanied by the sound of piano tuning, which was really neat (but occasionally did involve some high-pitched whining). And when he finished, he tested it by playing a really cool piece that I could not identify. It might be one he wrote (we recently bought mp3s of all his compositions but have not taken the time to listen to them). I emerged from the office to go listen, and he still had the top of the piano off, so you could see all the hammers going up and down. It was really cool.

And another best part! is that now I have a tuned piano! Oh my goodness, I'm so excited! ...Except that I'm having a really difficult time seeing when I'll ever have a chance to play it. Sunday at the latest, probably, but that's so far away! On the other hand, if I don't have time tomorrow of Thursday, that might be because we're going to a Disney movie sing-along at Disneyland, so I guess I don't have that much right to complain.

Today I'm thankful for getting to see my old piano teacher, having a tuned piano!, the hope of getting to play it someday (I have to, right? since it's my church calling), editors who tell us what changes to make before we've turned in the entire bulk of work (or at least don't make us go back and make all the changes), and our plot to keep Page off of the laptop by giving her a piece of soft fabric working (sometimes).
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