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I must be thinking too hard.

Yesterday I mentioned the CD Jonathan burned for us and sent to us before he went on his mission, and that reminded me that I wanted to talk about it more. Now, normally we prefer to get all our music on the legal CD, but there have been a couple of times where friends have burned CDs for us, and I really appreciate it. It shows that they like us enough to remember to share the things that they love with us.

That gets kind of confusing when we think about certain people trying to forc...I mean share things like sports with us, because we do hate that. But then I can only think of one person who tries to do that, and there's... I don't know, a lack of respect or something about the way he goes about it. Also, all the people who have burned music CDs for us burned video game (and a little bit of anime--for some reason there's always a Princess Mononoke track) music... and I'm really not sure where I'm going with this.

Anyway, it's nice when people remember us enough to think, "Oh! They would love to be able to listen to this!" Jonathan actually burned two CDs for us, and we haven't really listened to the second one, so we really don't have any idea what's on it. He didn't provide any track lists. It's fun at first, because something will start playing, and you're like, "Oh! It's that thing!" but then the next thing will start playing and you're like, "I...think...I recognize this... from somewhere... maybe..."

The first CD, as Jonathan appropriately labeled it, is mostly video game stuff. Jonathan has a very wide selection of video game soundtracks and other CDs (I think there was one called "Final Fantasy Celtic Moon"...?) so there's a lot of neat stuff. After the first two tracks we didn't recognize anything until it got to the song from Lunar. Jon also tends to like music that has a kind of melancholy feeling that usually leaves us feeling kind of blah-ish, even though it's very pretty. But that's why we're glad he finished it with the theme songs from FFVIII, IX, X, and Tactics. Well, Tactics isn't really a song, but that's okay.

This is how long it's been since we've played all the way through FFX: after Melodies of Life, SutekiDane (does anybody know the official spacing and capitalization on that?) started playing, but all I knew was it was some song in Japanese. Then Athena realized we had just heard Eyes On Me and Melodies of Life, so she's like, "Oh! Is this SutekiDane?" and we still didn't know until it got to the part of the song where she sings the title. And then after the chorus, the song started freezing and we were very very sad. So we skipped to the next and final track and it was from Tactics and everything was better until we tried to get that song to work again and failed. Someday. Someday.

And now our neighbors are serenading us with their beloved rap music. I don't think that's quite the same as burning a CD for us. At any rate, my patience in general is wearing thin. We really need more local otaku friends.

Wow, and the music just stopped. It's like they read my mind! ...and there it goes again. Oh well.
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