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Happy Groundhog Day!

We thought we were done doing stuff for the weekend, but it turns out we might have a Break the Fast dinner to go to later. We were planning on not going because we're tired and we usually fast past when break the fast dinners are usually held, etc. etc., but the Relief Society president remembered last week (when I was less tired) that I'd said we could go if we had a ride. So she asked around and found someone who would be willing to drive us, and I thought that meant we were going, but then we were getting bread, and she asked if we'd talked to that person and I said no, so she said we should, and I said okay but we don't know who that person is. She never pointed him out to us, so no communication has been made. I guess if I really cared we could look him up in the ward directory and call, but we're really not that interested in going.

(As I was finishing up this post, our ride showed up. Turned out it was the same guy who drove us to church our first Sunday here. Maybe one of these days I will start learning names properly...)

That's not to say we plan on being wholly antisocial. We've already made arrangements to go to the ward movie night on Friday.

In the meantime, today we were sustained for our new callings. To no one's surprise, I've been called to play the organ in sacrament meeting, as well as to play the piano for Primary. I'm really excited about it, because I really love to play. It was kind of torture, because they started me in the Primary today (even though I haven't been set apart yet), and I was sitting there at the piano, while the chorister was reciting the lyrics to the new song the kids are learning, and I couldn't play! I think the Japanese word modokashii is probably the best way to describe it, but for English speakers, I'll say it was like a strong itch.

Anyway, that being the case, we realized that we really, really need to get our piano tuned. Fortunately, my old piano teacher posted on Facebook again asking if anybody needed a piano tuned, and even though he lives far away, he's willing to come out here and tune our piano! It will be nice to see him again, and I'm soooo excited to have a working piano again.

Athena has been called to teach gospel principles. We were asked last week to talk to the bishop (so he could extend the callings), and while we waited our turn to see him, a bunch of people came up to us to let us know what big fans they are of our grandfather, who I guess is best described in this context as "famous for being, like, the smartest guy in the Church." So when the bishop extended the call to Athena to teach Sunday school, I couldn't resist asking, "This call doesn't happen to have anything to do with our being Hugh Nibley's granddaughters, does it?"

Bishop assured us it did not, because when the Sunday school president told the bishop that he wanted to call Athena to teach, the bishop told him okay, he'd pray about it, and by the way do you know who her grandfather is? The Sunday school president did not, so Bishop told him Hugh Nibley, and apparently the reply was along the lines of, "...who?" Then Bishop told us how amazed he was that so few people have heard of Hugh Nibley, and we were kind of like, "Welcome to our world. Nobody's heard of the people we're excited about."

Today I'm thankful for exciting new callings, Bread Day, having a neighbor in the ward who is kind enough to drive us to church, girls who know the page numbers of the Primary songs, and not having to wake up before eight for another week (probably).
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