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Lunar New Year festivities

Oh my goodness, we've been working so hard that our play list is too long for the weekend! ...Okay, maybe not, but we won't know until the weekend is over. We may or may not take Monday off.

Anyway, we did manage to finish work yesterday at a very reasonable time, but it was very close, because we really really wanted to go to Disneyland. We thought about scrapping that idea and spending the evening playing video games or something, which would have been nice and involved a lot less walking, but then all these people on the internet kept talking about Lunar New Year, and Disneyland (or California Adventure, to be exact) is celebrating all weekend! But only on the weekend, and our passes are blocked out, so yesterday was our only chance!

We thought about being a little bit bad, and waiting to translate UQ Holder! until we got back, but then we thought about the poor letterer, whose deadline remains the same regardless of when we turn in our translation, and our consciences wouldn't allow it. We were cutting it really, really close, though, because we finished it at about four, we figured the Lunar New Year stuff might stop at about five, and it takes us about half an hour to get to Disneyland.

So we pushed ourselves to walk really fast, and then! we got ambushed by a sales representative! I don't know what she was doing on a street corner--but we figure she was walking to some other destination, or maybe there was a convention going on at the convention center or something. At any rate, there was someone else with her who seemed related to her company, so we figured she was legit. She didn't give me any room to argue--she just put the little bag of stuff in my hand and then gave me her pitch.

What did we end up buying? A little gift bag of makeup that claims to be worth $80. But she gave it to us for $20, and since she was trying to get rid of her last one (we suspect), she threw in a second one free! We don't wear makeup at all, but we can't resist shiny gift bags, and it was a steal! We have been considering the use of makeup for cosplay purposes, though, and we'd especially want it if we ever do our Ace Attorney costumes.

We got to Disneyland at about 4:45, and we had thought they were doing Lunar New Year stuff at both parks, and we like Disneyland better, so we went there first...and spent fifteen minutes rushing to the likely locations and finding nothing. Oops. We got to the right place at about five, and sure enough, everything was closing down. That was okay, though, because we mostly just wanted to see the decorations. They had a little wall set up to help people figure out their zodiac, and of course they have pictures of Disney characters to match each one. We were born in the year of the dog, so our character was Tramp!

The Lunar New Year treats were on sale all day long, and we were able to buy a little box of almond cookies. The box was super cute--a little box like you buy Chinese food in, but with a sticker that said "almond cookies" on it. It looked like I could have made the whole thing at home! But it was still adorable.

After we wandered around taking pictures of everything, we took the opportunity to go on all the Paradise Pier rides we never go on when we're with other people. That's when we realized we hadn't been on Jumpin' Jellyfish since approximately the first time we went to California Adventure, unless you count the time we went on the version they have at DisneySea...which was still a pretty long time ago.

Finally, we had to convince ourselves not to buy the really pretty Year of the Horse shirt they were selling (this weekend only!), because of course we'd want to buy two and they were almost $30 each. We would spend less money buying Pinkie Pie at Build-a-Bear with all the trimmings! (It was a really pretty shirt, though. Oh my goodness.)

Then we came home and were pretty much exhausted. Nevertheless, we stayed up playing video games.

Today I'm thankful for getting to see the Lunar New Year stuff at California Adventure (except for the real live horse they had on display--it was gone before we got there (but that's okay, because horses are not hard to come by at Disneyland)), the high purity card recycle program at Kingdom Hearts [chi], being done leaving the apartment for the day, having a ride to church tomorrow, and having an appointment with my old piano teacher to tune the piano.
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