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Isn't it supposed to be the weekend?

The busyness continues! Today's adventures involved getting acquainted with our apartment's laundry facility. We had been putting off as long as we could, but today we had to do it. Fortunately, it turns out the laundry facility is pretty darn awesome. Now if only it weren't so far away from our unit...

We've also been trying to get some work done, but what with the need for groceries and the other chores going on, it was not a very fruitful endeavor. Here's hoping that won't be too much of a problem next week.

But most importantly, on lyschan's recommendation, we started watched Noragami last night, and oh my goodness, I love it so much. It's funny, because actually so far I'm not loving the story that much--a lot of the time we just wanted them to get on with it, but that was mostly because we were dying to see the third of the main three characters from the opening sequence so we could find out who played him. But once we did, not only did the story finally grab us, but we were really happy with the voice actor choice.

But before I talk about him, I wanted to talk about Yato, because he's such a great character, and Hiroshi Kamiya is such a perfect choice for his voice actor. Some of you may remember Kamiya-san as the actor who plays all the characters that need their heads stepped on by a Gundam, but we've seen him in sooooo much stuff lately that we don't feel that way about all of his characters anymore. I mean, sure Penguin (Polar Bear's Cafe) has his annoying traits, but he's just too lovable to be crushed by a Gundam. And the point is, Kamiya-san has a lot of experience getting the right balance between serious and silly.

Then there's Yukine. Oh, Yukine. We've only heard him speak about three lines, but our opinion of him as our favorite character (based on the opening sequence) has not yet changed. And when he started talking and we heard Yuuki Kaji's voice, we started to squee. It's funny, because Kaji-kun is in EVERYTHING new we've started watching since Attack on Titan, which is part of why he's currently our favorite voice actor. Another part has to do with our waking up to his cover of Part of That World the other day. Anyway, it's weird, because his voice isn't naturally cute, but he's so talented that the cuteness of his acting makes his voice sound cuter.

As for the story of Noragami...actually, it seems kind of typical, which is why it didn't really grab us story-wise at first. Then the series started getting into the characters a little more. And now that we have all three of the main characters, it's likely to get even more interesting! Yay!

Today I'm thankful for lyschan recommending we watch Noragami (otherwise we probably would have missed it altogether because it's not on Crunchyroll), getting our chores done, getting a little bit of work done, our older desk fitting in our office next to our new desk, and having cute Mickey Mouse Valentine's cookie dough to bake.
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