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No baby shower for us.

Work was going pretty steadily, and it looked like we were on track to just get everything in on time even if we went to the baby shower. But then we looked at our assignment for next week and realized it was about twice as long as each project for the two weeks before it. That and the fact that we hadn't been able to work on UQ Holder! yet caused just enough of a panic to convince us not to leave town this weekend. The idea of having that much more time to finish stuff helps me feel a lot better, but when one plan gets canceled another comes along, and Gaston and Alice are coming to town...which means we have to get things ready(ish) for guests.

But anyway, one of the other side things that's been coming along to take up our time is a pretty happy thing, which is that the Bishop came over and built us a computer desk. I think I mentioned it on Wednesday. The new desk is a really fancy deal, with built-in shelves and everything! We love it, because now we have a shelf for our "to-translate" manga, and a few shelves for the CDs we listen to while we work. There might not be enough space for all our CDs, but, for example, when we end up marathoning a series, we tend to listen to the same few CDs over and over. (Like when we had a bunch of Kingdom Hearts manga to translate all at once, of course we listened to our Kingdom Hearts soundtracks. That reminds me, we still don't have the Dream Drop Distance soundtrack...)

There are two drawbacks to the new desk, though. First, it's a corner desk designed for one person. Since we tend to work together and share a desk, it gets a little cramped. Second, the only place the monitor fits is the fancy corner shelf that was designed for the monitor...which is significantly higher than we're used to looking for a monitor. I think we can get passed that by just getting used to it, and if not, well, maybe we'll finally get with the 21st century and buy an LCD monitor. (It is the 21st century, right?)

But one of the best parts of the Bishop's visit yesterday is that when he called to schedule the desk installation, I mentioned that he'd want to get it done in the afternoon, because we have no light in the he brought us lamps! It's five-thirty, getting dark outside, but now we still have light in the office! Hurray! (They're desk lamps from Walmart, so they probably didn't set anybody back too much, which is good, because that would have made us feel bad.) When we finally put the other one in the bedroom, we'll be able to read manga as late as we want!

We thought Page would like the new desk because of all the shelves, but it turns out the extra spaces for her to explore aren't really big enough for her, and the top shelves are too high for her to jump to (unless we were actually nice to her and cleared more room on the work surface, but we can't because she likes to do her exploring while we're working). We may have to remedy this with a cat tree or something.

Anyway, we still have a ton of work we need to get done, but our brains are starting to melt, and we're beginning to suspect that it's affecting the quality of our work. I guess we'd find out if we were to somehow find a way to interrogate UQ Holder! readers about it. But this week's chapter was definitely harder than last week's, so there's that.

Speaking of, we really think a lot of people we know would like UQ Holder! if they gave it a chance. (We still have some all-access guest passes to Crunchyroll if you want to start from the beginning!)

I think there was one more thing I was going to mention... Oh yeah, the Manga Translation Battle. Looks like we didn't win anything. That had me a little bummed out last night, but we're looking on the bright side. We have a lot of awesome projects we're working on, and if we manage things right, we'll get to Japan eventually.

And most importantly, we finally got to try the hot fudge chocolate truffles we bought at Disneyland last October, and oh my goodness, they are sooooooooooooooooo good!

Today I'm thankful for the Bishop giving us a shiny new desk, the Bishop also giving us shiny new desk lamps, it being the weekend (though there's a strong possibility we'll do a little work tomorrow), hot fudge chocolate truffles from Disneyland, and new worlds opening up in Kingdom Hearts [chi].
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