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Watching anime again

Today we had a visit from the Jehovah's Witnesses. We got those every so often back before the fire, so it kind of made me feel like we were home...I guess, maybe. Anyway, this time one of them commented on my anime shirt, so that was extra nice.

Speaking of anime, now that we're in our own space again, we're pretending we have time to watch it (anime, I mean). Last night we had half an hour to kill before Lux Up Time, so we went to Crunchyroll and watched the first episode of Nisekoi. It was super awesome. You can take my word for it and go watch it right now, knowing only that it's a comedy series, or I guess you could read a synopsis if you insist.

The short version is it's about a guy who meets a girl he hates, and then learns he has to pretend to be her boyfriend so that his family's yakuza gang and her family's mafia gang don't destroy each other in a massive gang war. The longer version sounds a lot like the beginning of Love Hina--a little boy makes a promise to a little girl that they'll meet again when they're older and get married, and he's never had a date in his life but he still has his memories of this girl, and intends to keep his promise.

Then this morning we wanted some Saturday morning cartoons, so we watched Nobunaga the Fool, a series that reminds us once again that anyone who holds the historical inaccuracies of the movie Pocahontas against Disney would hate a lot of the stuff that comes out of Japan. This one isn't spoiled as much by knowing the synopsis, but I'll put it under a cut anyway.

Actually, this one doesn't even pretend to be historically accurate--it just has a bunch of historical figures that they through together in some sort of bizarre sci-fi fantasy setting. It's about Oda Nobunaga and how he's totally losing the civil wars in Japan, until a spaceship comes along from the west carrying Leonardo da Vinci and Joan of Ark, who give him a giant robot that will make him the Savior-King. It's really kind of awesome, but it does make me wonder if this is how mythology happens. Take a historical figure, make up some crazy story about them, people don't bother doing the research...and a couple hundred years later, people read you and your friends' fic and think you were worshiping some kind of deity.

To be more accurate, the East and the West are two planets that seem to be orbiting each other, and there's something about dragons. But it's really fun because even though the East seems to mostly have people from the Warring States Era of Japan, the West has all kinds of historical and legendary figures from all kinds of different time periods. Sitting around Arthur's Round Table are characters like Machiavelli and Julius Caesar...okay, so I guess most of them are from Italy/Rome...oh right, there was Alexander (we assume "the Great"), and the spaceship was piloted by Magellan. It's really fun to see who will show up next! And the costumes are fun, too! And it has a bunch of our favorite voice actors. Yuuki Kaji is so good at playing a monkey!

In other news, Page showed interest in looking out the window today, so we immediately went over to PetSmart's website and ordered a window perch for her. We would have been even more excited if I hadn't accidentally clicked "confirm" before editing the shipping address. ...Sigh. I had to call customer service to get them to change the address, and the guy told me he'd have to send it to the warehouse and hope for the best. I asked if it would be easier to cancel the order and order it again, but he said it had already been processed! And it was only like five minutes after we made the order! ...Well, we can't blame them for being efficient. Here's hoping it gets here!

We also shopped for lamps online and just got fed up with everything. We'd find a lamp we thought we liked, and all the reviews would say it falls apart blah blah blah, it cut my arm and I needed six stitches blah blah blah, and then we'd check somewhere else and find a good one for a good price, but they don't sell things online so we go to Amazon and it costs three times as much. It's a little frustrating. So we were like, "Eh, we've gone without lamps this long." And then we were in our room reading manga and it started to get dark, and we were like, "...Oh."

Today I'm thankful for getting to watch some awesome new anime, getting to order something for Page that we think she'll like, having time to read manga today, the trip to the store not being too taxing, and us both having finally finished reading Tenshi 1/2 Houteishiki volume four so now we can finally listen to the drama CD that came with it (even though Hidaka-sensei said the content has nothing to do with what's in volume four, and there would be no spoilers).
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