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Of mothers and kitties

We got a late start this morning, and not because we were up late visiting with Mom...although I think Mom's visit might have helped trigger it.

See, Page had been a little extra skittish the last few days, keeping to herself and stuff. Maybe she just didn't want to hang out with us while we were being boring at work. But anyway, what with her acne (at least that's what we think it is now) and her clearly being extra stressed out, we've been wanting to spend more time relaxing with her, but there's been work. So this morning, we had set the alarm to wake us up with Kouichi Yamadera's narrative of Tangled, and about halfway through, Page went to Athena to snuggle. Then when it ended, she showed no sign of wanting to leave, so we just kept listening to the CD, all the way through Akira Ishida's retelling of Snow White, Heigh Ho, and Kiss the Girl.

It was as Kiss the Girl started that Athena told Page that she loves snuggling, but after the next song, we really should get out of bed. As the next song began, Page got up--she's such a good kitty. I'm convinced that cats can understand English if we just take the effort to talk to them. (Whether or not they choose to listen to that English is another story. Like toddlers.)

Anyway, last night Mom came over, and it was pretty awesome. We did have a bit of an adventure with parking, since we still haven't been assigned a garage, and all the non-garage parking spaces tend to be snatched up pretty quick. So we parked in a tiiiiny spot between a garage and the edge-of-the-property wall, but the only way there was really enough room to get out of the minivan was to climb through the back.

Eventually we managed to get everything out of the car and into our apartment, and then we mostly talked and watched "Murder, She Wrote." (Mom's seen every episode, so we didn't have to worry about spoilers. We remember it being her very favorite show when we were growing up, but we never watched it with her, which is why the theme music is so very familiar and yet nothing else is.)

While Mom and I were having parking adventures (I went to meet her and help her find a parking spot), Page decided she was done hanging out in the bedroom by herself and came to hang out with Athena instead. She ran away briefly when she heard the clang of our little gate, but apparently she was so tired of being alone that she was determined to spend time with us, even if it meant spending time with a semi-stranger. Maybe if Mom had been a complete stranger, Page would have stayed in hiding, but there was a brief period when Page would come watch TV with us and Mom at Mom's house. Page never really warmed up to Mom, though. Until yesterday! ...Okay, not really, but she did sit next to Mom on the couch, and didn't run away when Mom petted her.

At any rate, we suspect her decision to be brave, and also a visit from someone she kind of knew (proving that not everyone who comes over is a strange person here to install strange objects), helped her to calm down a little, and we're happy that she seems a little less stressed.

Today I'm thankful for getting to see Mom last night, getting our work done today (we ended up typing up translation notes for all the chapters of UQ Holder! we've done so far, whew), Page being apparently less stressed, being caught up on UQ Holder! notes, and the super cute voice clips that our Build-A-Bear Fluttershy says (You rock! ...woohoo.).

PS: We have some all-access guest passes to Crunchyroll, so if someone wants to read UQ Holder! but missed the chance to hop on board at the beginning, we can hook you up!
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