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It keeps going and going and going...

Today has been super busy again, and, because we're gluttons for punishment, it's looking like we're probably going to accept a couple other projects that will keep us busy next week and the week after. Whee! That being the case, the only stuff that's really going on is work, so there's not much to write about, except for "Murder, She Wrote," and maybe Final Fantasy XIII-2, but we've been at the computer all day, so I don't think we're going to write about those things.

Anyway, there's approximately one day left to vote at the Manga Translation Battle, so please go do that!

Today I'm thankful for getting a pretty good idea that all this work is not going to crush our souls, getting to take a long break to eat dinner and watch "Murder, She Wrote," having time (probably) to go by Downtown Disney tomorrow to pick up a few things, having a little bit of time to not be working before we go to bed, and having nice music to listen to while we work.
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