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I'm sitting here in my Goofy costume (minus the hat) and... that's about it. Just sitting here. We have no idea when kids are going to be trick-or-treating, or if they'll even come to our apartment, but we're ready! We actually probably won't be here during what I would imagine to be peak trick-or-treating hours, since we'll be at FHE, but I seem to remember people starting as early as five or so.

When we were looking at the candy selection at Vons on Saturday, they actually had trick-or-treat sized granola bars. "Stay away from the red zone. Nothing but fresh fruit and granola bars in the red zone." I didn't think they would actually make that easier. Maybe Californians really are the health nuts people from other states make us out to be.

We finally got to work on that new series today, only about three weeks after we got it... or is it two? I can't measure time anymore! NOOOOOOOOOOO!!!! After it took us about ten minutes to "translate" the insert (we ended up transliterating it and adding a footnote), and then the table of contents proved to be nigh impossible, we were pretty discouraged. But we've done worse than sixteen pages in an hour and twenty minutes. That's what Fruits Basket is for! So things aren't so bad. Still want to get the game, though. And a system to play it on. We'll probably whine about that occasionally until we finally decide we don't need light and heating and go ahead and order the stuff anyway. Maybe we'll do it right now...



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