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Weekend excursion

First, I should remind everyone to vote in the Manga Translation Battle. Y'know, if you haven't yet.

I do plan on eventually getting back to our Commemorative Multi-Part Series, but I think that will wait until the weekend is over. We're still trying to get into some kind of a routine, figure out how we want to make time for things, etc. And it was the weekend and we thought we should do weekend type things, so we went to Downtown Disney. We didn't go to Disneyland because our passes are blocked out, for one thing, and for another thing, it's Saturday. It's very rarely a good idea to go to Disneyland on a Saturday.

And most importantly, we wanted churros. Of course you can get churros in Disneyland, too, but there you can only get regular cinnamon-sugar churros. In Downtown Disney, there's a little kiosk that sells different flavors of churros, and we want to help that kind of idea to catch on more. So we each got a different flavor and we split them in half. Today the flavors were pineapple whip (by which we suspect they actually mean pina colada, but it's possible we got a coconut one by accident--the flavors in the sugar are pretty faint compared to the churro, so it's hard to say for sure) and strawberry cream. And then we came thiiiiiiiiis close to getting a Fluttershy at Build-A-Bear, but we decided if we came on a not-Saturday, the line to get her stuffed would be a lot shorter.

But the really exciting thing is that this morning we got the second half of the housewarming gift Mom bought for us--comforters to go with the sheets she bought us. They're sooo pretty, all blue and white. And each element (the fitted sheet, the other sheet, the comforter, the little ruffly thing) has a different pattern, so it has good variety. We made Athena's bed right away, but Page was so comfy on my bed that we decided to let her stay there and not disturb her with housekeeping.

The exciting (in a different way) incident that happened while we were making the bed is that there was a spider on the ceiling just above Athena's bed, and while we were at work lifting mattresses, it fell! Onto the bed! And I'm actually not scared of most spiders, but I am very scared of deadly ones, and this one was very dark in color. Fortunately, careful inspection revealed that it was actually dark brown, not black. So of course I was like, "It's not a brown recluse, is it?" So we looked up brown recluses on Wikipedia and learned that they're a lighter brown. Tadah!

Today I'm thankful for the beautiful bedding Mom bought for us, having a nice little weekend excursion, getting to try the flavored churros (they weren't as great as we'd hoped, but still good churros, and there are more flavors to try), also getting to buy some fancy macaroons (they've got a little winter's village set up with Olaf's Ice Skating Rink; you can get macaroons there--the sandwich ones, not the coconut ones), and the hope of one day getting a Fluttershy at Build-A-Bear.
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