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We're back! Sort of. I mean, we're back on the internet. Other than that, we're not back at all--we're in a completely new place! Although technically, you could say we're back, because we have been going in and out over the last few days, as is inevitable when trying to get everything all sorted out in a new place. Also, you could say we're back in Southern California, because we did grow up hereabouts.

Anyway, on to the saga of our move.

The move itself went mostly very smoothly. There was some feather ruffling toward the beginning, when one of the people helping us move referred to a pile of boxes as "those junky things there." To be fair, we did end up bringing several junky things, including a chair with the leg broken off of it (which was a gift from one of our uncles--he made it himself--and one of the other people helping us move assured us it could be easily repaired), but that particular group of boxes contained a lot of our mementos and keepsakes, and we were on edge and stressed out, so we both commented--Athena with, "I love hearing my stuff referred to as 'junky,'" and me with, "I'd appreciate it if you wouldn't refer to our stuff as 'junk.'"

In this person's defense, to them "junk" might just mean "small and non-uniformly shaped," but like I said, we were stressed, and to me, "junk" means "worthless." Also, I've long been of the opinion that we all could be a little bit happier as a society if we would not call things junk, crap, etc. It's always bothered us when someone would say, for example, "I have to move all my crap." If it's really crap, why do you even have it?

Anyway, we were promptly reprimanded--this person is helping you, for crying out loud, and the "junky" comment obviously referred to the packing job! Obviously! That didn't really help us feel any better--don't criticize me for a poor packing job, I only had two days to move out EVERYTHING I OWN!!!--but it did help us remember that sometimes it's important to just shut up and do as you're told, especially because these people really were going out of their way to help us and everything. I spent most of the ride to the new apartment feeling very apologetic for being such a burden on the world (it was like Yuna from Final Fantasy X, "I'm sorry! I'm so sorry!"), but with a little part of me wishing the world wasn't such a pansy.

When we got to our new place, there was some mad dashing back and forth as we took care of some of the important details of moving in, like giving the new apartment building a cashier's check...which we didn't know we'd need. Oops. Poor Page took it all like a champ, though. She was quiet for most of the long car ride, only protesting when Athena (on whose lap Page was riding) shifted her weight. When we finally let her out of her carrier, she ran away and hid in the bathroom, where none of the big scary moving people would carry any boxes.

We unpacked the truck in record time! Well, probably not that fast, but it was pretty fast. And since the people helping us unpack were from our new ward, we were able to get all the details about church, AND the bishop (who was one of the people) even made sure we had a ride.

Next, we had to go buy mattresses, because the ones we had been using were old when we started using them...nine years ago. We figured it was time. Fortunately, there's a really great mattress place in the area, and we didn't spend nearly as much money as we were afraid we'd have to. UNfortunately, the mattresses we wanted wouldn't be in until Friday (today), but we WANTED them, darnit, so we assured the guy there we had a couch and a Hide-A-Mat and we'd be fine. He replied that he always hates to hear that kind of thing--here he has all these beds, and there are people out there sleeping on the floor. It's not right. But we insisted, and so we've been kind of having living room slumber parties all week.

Lastly, Mom and Steve took us to Target to get some supplies and groceries, then they brought us home and left us with this bit of parting advice: "You're going to need some lamps for those bedrooms."

Now we were all alone in our cold, dark apartment (we have heating, but we didn't know how to use it until about an hour ago; also, the pilot light was not lit), wondering if we'd made the right decision and pretty much questioning everything about our life choices. We each said a prayer asking for help knowing we weren't alone, and very soon after that, Celeste called. Not only did that prove that we're not alone, but she helped us feel better by telling us that she would usually feel similarly after she changed jobs--she'd put in her two-weeks notice and immediately start thinking, "Why am I leaving this job? I love this job!" even if it's a job she hated.

The next day, we went to church. Our new ward is very small but very friendly, and in need of someone who can play the piano. They have someone who can play (and even seems to know how to play the organ for reals), but she has to go to another ward every other week because that ward doesn't have anyone who can play, either. The point is, at least we know there's a need we can fill. And the best part (so far) about this ward is that every first Sunday, there's a guy with connections to the local bread suppliers or something, so there's a smorgasbord of free bread to take home. We took a loaf of French bread that we made peanut butter sandwiches with, and it really helped us feel better about life.

On Monday, we made some calls to get things set up (internet, utilities), and learned that the soonest we could get our internet setup would be Thursday. So we had to figure out what to do with ourselves until then. It wasn't hard. Monday and Tuesday were spent unpacking boxes and moving furniture around...and when we got completely fed up with it all, we'd play Final Fantasy XIII-2. It's a fun parallel, because while we waited to get our internet set up at our last apartment, we played Final Fantasy X-2.

On Wednesday, we finally did what we sort of came here to do in the first place: we went to Disneyland. While we were there, we spent a lot of time, once again, questioning all our life choices. Well, mostly just the latest big one. Athena was able to articulate one of the main concerns we had, which is that in making the choice of where to live, it was kind of like it came down to the choice of family or Disneyland...and we chose Disneyland. According to all our morals and values, that makes us bad people. I mean, logically, we know that we didn't choose Disneyland over our family specifically. We have dreams of making it easier for our family to come to Disneyland more often, which we know most (or at least Mom, Sarah, Celeste, and Celeste's husband, and Kimee) of them want. And oh my goodness, we need Logan to come to Disneyland. Like whoa. And the way Sarah talks, it will take some convincing--and deal-finding--to get the kid's dad to agree to take him. So the idea is to make very good friends with cast members...but we're still in "let's hide from the real world" mode.

Anyway, we had a lot of Feelings to work out, and there was a lot of stress built up, which found one very brief outlet in line to Storybook Land. As we waited, we watched the boats go by, and all of them are named after female Disney characters. That day, they had three boats out: Fauna, Merryweather, and Faline. (They later brought out Flora.) Every time we're reminded of Faline, especially when we're not in the best of moods, we talk about how we can't believe they kept mispronouncing her name on the DVD extras, especially after the kept saying over and over and over how there's very little dialogue in the film, only a tiny bit more than a thousand words (which is really not very many). About seven of those words are a clearly enunciated "Faline!" The name is pronounced "fuh-LEEN", not "FAY-leen", as they were pronouncing it in the extras. They even interviewed the actress who played young Faline, and SHE was pronouncing it wrong too, most likely due to the bad influence of the interviewer and/or other interviewees.

So mere moments after we discussed this, one of the cast members comes along, talking about the boats that are out and he says FAY-leen (which sounds like "failing"). I couldn't contain myself. I shouted, very harshly, "fuh-LEEN!"

Fortunately, I was able to apologize and we all just laughed it off. But seriously, people. Try watching the movie with the sound on.

Anyway, other highlights included getting to go on the Indiana Jones ride for the first time in ages. We knew they had done something to it to make it different, and we were eager to see it--not to mention it's one of our favorite rides and we almost never get to go on it with Gaston because he has back problems and they aren't kidding when they say this ride is not suitable for people with back problems. Also, they still had the Jingle Cruise and It's a Small World Holiday open, so we got to see them again. On the Jingle Cruise, when we saw the backside of water, our skipper said, "It's a Boxing Day miracle, for all you Canadians out there." There were only three parties on the boat, and when he said that, members of the third party turned to each other and said, "How did he know?" One of them suggested he knew they were from Canada because one of them was wearing shorts. That reaction made the joke so much funnier (and I love any mention of Boxing Day already).

Thursday brought the happy surprise of an early bed delivery! Yay! ...But we didn't sleep on the beds, because we already had plans for our living room slumber party--we were going to use the TV's sleep timer so we could go to sleep with a DVD on (and have the TV turn off and not waste electricity all night). But that was just as well, because we didn't have our brand new sheets that Mom bought us.

And then, after spending an hour or so playing Temple Run and waiting for the internet people to show up, we finally had internet! Yaaaaaaay! So we checked email and learned that we had a chapter of UQ Holder due the next morning, and that's why we stayed hidden for an extra day. Well, that, our lack of light in our office (we still have not acquired lamps), and our strong desire to continue playing Final Fantasy XIII-2. It's a very interesting game! We think we like it better than the first FF13, but we do miss Hope.

We had other work-related emails, and that helped us feel better about life, too, because one of the scariest things about moving down here is the significant increase in rent prices.

Okay, I think I've lost the ability to be as coherent as I want to be, so I'm going to stop talking now.

Today I'm thankful for having safely made the move to our new apartment, all the people who helped us move, our friendly new ward (Bishop tells us one of the people who wore the Mickey suit used to be in this ward!), having new beds, and having the internet back.

ETA: Oh yeah! Go vote for something at the Manga Translation Battle!
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