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Year in review

First of all, we want to remind everyone that the Manga Translation Battle voting is still going on. Tell your friends about it! (Whether you tell them to vote for us or to read the entries and turn this into more than just a "who knows the most people" contest is up to you!)

Second of all, whoa is it really New Year's Eve? How did that happen? We need to do a year in review post, quick!

As usual, we'll start with the meme where you take the first sentence/paragraph of the first post of every month.

Today is not really a good day for LJ to be acting weird, because we needed to talk about As You Like It?, and now it's hard to know if anyone will see it.

I can kind of hear Gaston (the movie character, not our friend): Soon she gets ideas, and thinking...
That's right, we've been Thinking lately. It started because somebody posted something on Facebook about the whole "fake geek girl" thing and how it has to stop at the same time our sister asked us to help her impress her Legend-of-Zelda-loving boyfriend.

We're still waiting for materials, so for today we were kind of at a loss what to do. Not that we don't have lots of things to read or watch or play, just that there's this song that goes, "Have I done any good in the world today? Have I helped anyone in need? Have I cheered up the sad, or made someone feel glad? If not, I have failed indeed."

Where does the time go? ...Work, that's where. Ah well, it's a living.

Oh my goodness, Page was standing on the keyboard earlier and somehow managed to make it so that the keyboard stopped responding! It was definitely still working, but I had to hold down a key for about two seconds for it to register (it seems a lot longer when you're waiting).

Being gone all day yesterday means we missed it when the Disney Parks Blog came along and said, "Oh yeah, remember our annual price increase." We are not happy about this, as you can imagine.

The air conditioner is fixed, and we have reasonable temperatures once more! Yay!!

Today has certainly been eventful. The night before last, we both had a hard time sleeping, so neither of us was very happy to be gotten out of bed to Take Care of Things. It was a good thing we did, but we still wonder if it couldn't have waited another half hour. [Note: The Things to be Taken Care Of involved retrieving our items from our apartment after the fire.]

It's been another busy weekend, although I admit much of yesterday was taken up watching Burn Notice with Mom.

Oh man, we started this entry on Monday, but obviously didn't finish it. We got interrupted, and it's just been a whirlwind of activity since then...interspersed with bouts of Kingdom Hearts [chi].

Okay, well, we were going to buy some pictures of us in our costumes so we could post some here, but A)I don't think we really looked good in any of them, and B)it was $15 to download just one of them. Bleh.

This has been another weekend of feeling very escapist. ...Well, escapism and having family over.

This year had the distinction of having everything happen a few days after the beginning of the month, so the really big stuff didn't show up in that meme. (The fire happened a few days before the beginning of the month, so it got alluded to.)

Anyway, the year certainly has been eventful. It's been hard to think of anything that happened before the fire. Like, "Oh hey, we toured Walt Disney Studios!" "Wait, that was this year?" One of our sisters got married, another one had a baby. We had long periods of no work followed by periods of being way too busy. We had a lot of fun at work, though, translating things like the Kingdom Hearts manga. We celebrated our ten year anniversary as manga translators!

And our apartment just barely missed being burned down. When stuff like that happens, you can either feel very put upon, or you can realize just how blessed you are. Of course, in our case, it might have been a little (or a lot) easier to do the latter, because our unit was spared any damage. (Except for the damage done when the firefighters kicked the door in.) So anyway, we realized how fortunate we were to have people around to help and a place to go and stuff.

I think that about covers it. Today I'm thankful for making it through another year, the super cool Mickey card they gave out as a New Year's gift in Kingdom Hearts [chi], having a place to move to, getting to watch more Attack on Titan last night, and not having to worry too much about work and moving at the same time.
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