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Manga Translation Battle

Last night, we discovered that voting is up for the Manga Translation Battle. Go check it out!

Of course, we're hoping people vote for our entry, but since we'd rather it be a contest of skill than of friend count, we'd rather have people read the translations and vote for whichever they really like best. I've even already come up with a way to explain to myself that fewer votes doesn't mean I'm a terrible translator. See, when we were teenagers, every year at Christmas one guy would get up in church and sing O Holy Night. He was an amazing singer and everyone loved it. One year, our sister sang it instead, and she was really good, too. But some people might prefer the other guy singing it, just because they prefer the sound of his voice--it doesn't mean our sister was any less talented or doesn't have a beautiful voice, just that people have different tastes. Tadah!

But anyway, please vote for somebody!

In other other news...well, there's some really big news for us, but it's kind of freaking us out, so we don't like to talk about it. We got the apartment in Anaheim, and now we're faced with Big Changes. In the meantime, someone seems to have taken over the whole moving process, and seems to be trying to do it without our noticing (because said person is afraid we'll be upset). We're kind of at a point where we don't care anymore as long as we can get all our stuff safely transferred to our new place, but it would also be nice to have some idea what's going on. Y'know, since it's kind of our whole life we're talking about.

In an escapist change of subject, we saw Saving Mr. Banks on Saturday. We have an irrational dislike for Tom Hanks (due in large part to the fact that we hate Woody so much--he's a horrible person), so I was afraid the movie would make me very angry, what with an actor I strongly dislike playing a man I admire so much. Fortunately, Walt Disney wasn't in the movie very much, and when he was, I just kind of, I don't know, thought of him like the English dub voice of Walt Disney--it doesn't really count, sort of thing. And so I was able to enjoy the reenactments of the creative process behind Mary Poppins, and we enjoyed the movie well enough. It was a little artsy, though, and frustrating in that we could tell there was more to the story that just wasn't fitting in the movie. Also, we could tell artistic liberties were taken, which happens, so it doesn't make the movie any worse, but as someone who's really interested in what happened, I want to know how much was spot on, how much was rearranged, how much was embellished, etc. At any rate, I would recommend it.

Now we have to find the book it was based on.

Today I'm thankful for making it to the Final Review in the Manga Translation Battle, getting to see Saving Mr. Banks, getting to watch Mary Poppins afterward (you have to!), having plans to go to the zoo on Wednesday, and having a lovely time with our family yesterday.
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