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Happy Day After Boxing Day!

I did sort of intend on updating LJ yesterday, but then we ended up hiding most of the day. We were just a little extra stressed out about various things the last few days, not the least of which being the food poisoning. We spent all day Tuesday convincing ourselves it wasn't contagious and we didn't need to decontaminate every surface in the house (though of course we did decontaminate the bathroom)...and then Wednesday night, people kept saying, "Yeah, normally I'd be better by now. It must be full-on salmonella," which is contagious, so the panic started all over again. And it turns out some people who came over for Christmas did get whatever it is, but on the other hand, someone who didn't come over here also got it, so it must be something that's going around. So we remind ourselves of the advice we were constantly given back when swine flu was a thing (wash your hands, cover your mouth when you sneeze, cook your food) and we calm down a little.

As for the festivities, I think everything went pretty well. It was the usual--people came over, we unwrapped presents, we had dinner. Tradition holds that the youngest able-bodied child gets to pass out the gifts, and this year that meant Logan. He was sooooo cute. There was one gift that was as big as he was, and his mom told him to take it to Aunt Celeste, so he kind of hopped it along. Then our sadistic brother-in-law told him to take it back to his mom so they could see him do it again. Logan is so good at following instructions.

It turns out that all our worry about Kimee's present was unfounded--she loved it! She pulled out the bear and seemed pretty happy with how cute it was, and then we told her to press his right hand. When it hit her that it was one of the Disneyland Peter Pans talking, she teared up. I thought she'd like it (if the evil stepsister thing wasn't a problem, which it wasn't (turns out the bad reaction really was due to a step allergy)), but I had no idea she'd be so touched. So that turned out to be a big win.

The other person we were responsible for giving a gift to was Celeste, and I was frustrated because we didn't really get a lot of time to look around at Disneyland, which, as you can imagine, is our favorite place for gift shopping. We had about a week until Christmas, and we had no idea what to get her, until I remembered how much Celeste likes the song "I Want a Hippopotamus for Christmas." So we got her a Stuffie plush hippo. Stuffies have seven hidden pockets, so we got a bunch of stocking-stuffer type gifts to put in them. And a Nintendo DS game. It took her a while to catch on to the hippopotamus thing (she wasn't singing that song so much this year; I mainly remembered it because they played it in line to the Jingle Cruise), but she loved it and all the stuff inside.

There was only a little tiny bit of drama, caused by us sort of. Someone had gotten a laser-light show thingie for Christmas and wanted to take it into a darker room to see how it worked. The room chosen was the one room where aaaalll of our stuff is crammed. We were a little upset about our space being invaded, but we figured they (the gift receiver and people who wanted to see it) probably wouldn't hurt anything, so we just waited uncomfortably until the room was free again. But when they came out, one of them was hugging the plush unicorn Athena got for Christmas. (It was a gift from Aurora and her husband, modeled after the infamous unicorn plush from Despicable Me, and it was Athena's favorite gift because it was so thoughtful. She had put it away to be fully enjoyed later when the social activity had subsided.)

Athena decided that was not cool, and she said so. Then she took the unicorn back and put it away again. The end. (There was some tension after that, but we think it didn't take long before it dissipated.)

Dinner was mostly uneventful. We had a little family trivia game, but it didn't last that long because people had a hard time coming up with questions. Then everybody left and we talked a little with the grown-ups before watching a DVD and then going to bed. Then there was yesterday, which was, euphemistically, blah.

Today I'm thankful for the pretty dresses we got for Christmas, Kimee not being offended by her gift, Celeste liking her gift as well, making significant progress in Candy Crush, and Kingdom Hearts [chi] getting into the real story.
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