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Well, this Christmas has proven to be much more adventurous than expected, as Steve and his mother have both apparently gotten food poisoning. They're both very miserable, and we feel very badly for them, but we're also extremely grateful that Mom managed to avoid the food poisoning and is able to take care of them, because we're really not emotionally prepared to deal with that kind of business. I mean, for all our talk of spending so much time with Logan, we still refuse to change his diapers, so this kind of thing has us very nervous.

We're prepared to step in when needed, but we've spent the last twenty minutes or so sitting very anxiously on the couch, hoping we wouldn't be needed. Or at least, not for cleaning bathrooms or anything like that. We told Mom to let us know when she needed us to do something, and she said she would probably take us up on that. We very timidly said, "Okay, just let us know," and she said, "I might have you peel sweet potatoes." And we were soooooo relieved.

Right now, the patients are in bed while we wait for the brothers-in-law to come over and administer priesthood blessings.

In the meantime, last night we saw the Jim Carrey version of A Christmas Carol for the first time...and we hated it. We need to stop hating movies. We tend to be of the opinion that if people would make good movies, we'd stop hating them, but it's probably just artistic differences striking again. Still, in this version, it really did seem like the ghosts were just bullying Scrooge into being a better person, and they went out of their way to be as creepy as possible. (Okay, that's not true. We're sure they could have been much creepier. But they were far creepier than necessary, and probably went to the extent of whatever their rating (G? PG? it had to be PG) would allow.) You really couldn't quite see Scrooge's emotional journey as well as you could in Muppet Christmas Carol, which we still hold is the best adaptation of A Christmas Carol we've ever seen.

When it was over, one of our fellow viewers commented on how it was so true to the book, and we were like, "Who cares? It was frickin' creepy." But what we said was, "I didn't like it, because it really seemed like the ghosts were just bullying Scrooge into being a better person," to which the response was, "Well, have you read the book?" And we had to admit that we have not, much to our chagrin. We even have it! But it's Packed. Still, I like to think that a book known for conveying the Christmas spirit so well would be a little more heartwarming, and that it wasn't purely the Muppets who made the story so. Maybe when we move, that book will be one of the first things we read.

Today I'm thankful for priesthood blessings, having seen that version of Christmas Carol (even if I didn't like it), the very delicious and non-poisoned pizza we had for dinner last night, modern medicine, and York peppermint patties.
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