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We may be a little extra scarce for the next couple of days (she says, as if she didn't just miss posting the last two days). Steve's mom is in town for Christmas, so we'll probably be off being social or hiding, depending on what's going on. (Our computer is in the living room, so hiding is not conducive to internet activities...except on the iPad, but updating LJ via iPad is way too much of a hassle.)

Yesterday was...interesting. We had our ward Christmas presentation, which probably would have been a lot better for us if we hadn't been so uppity about the songs. I mean, there was a song called "Joseph, I Was Not His Father," and I couldn't get over the title, because what is that comma doing there? It's like Joseph is the addressee, and that doesn't make any sense. (Turns out the song was, in fact, from Joseph's perspective, so I guess the comma was supposed to be a colon.) The choir numbers were really cool (obvious bias), but they would have been better if the pianist could have gotten her act together and stopped shaking. For crying out loud. (I was the pianist.) (I don't think anybody but me noticed when I messed up.)

After church the sisters and in-laws came over and we had a fun time hanging out and stuff. Logan did something super cute. What was it? Oh right. We were in the toy room, and it was a day when Logan just wasn't interested in all the usual stuff, so we kept pulling toys off the shelves. There was one toy that was a little castle that you could open up into a playset. But to open it, you need a key, and I couldn't find it. As I was looking for it, Logan remembered something, and told me that we have the key. Then he ran out to the living room and pointed to the hooks where Mom and Steve keep their car keys, and shouted, "Thea! Key!" Nobody had any clue what he was talking about until I explained. He's so helpful.

Eventually all the guests left except for Steve's mom, so we decided to watch a movie. After some deliberation, the movie chosen was National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation. We hadn't seen it before, so we were willing to give it a chance, even after Steve noticed the writing credit and said that was the same guy who wrote Home Alone. We tried, we really did. But it wasn't long before we were just waiting for it to be over. Finally it ended, but we had no time to calm down, because it was time for Christmas music, which would have been fine if it hadn't been country. I had a very hard time refraining from saying, "I'm sorry, but can you excuse me while I go scream into a pillow?"

...It seems so silly now, but I guess I really hated that movie.

Then we played several rounds of Phase 10 before we could finally go hide in the bedroom and play Koe no Ouji-sama music. It was almost magical how quickly we calmed down then.

In the meantime, UPS keeps not delivering the package we paid for two-day shipping on. Maybe I should call them, because we were totally home at 11:42, when they supposedly attempted to deliver it today. Sigh.

Today I'm thankful for magical Koe no Ouji-sama soothing powers, Logan and his adorable helpfulness, Mom making brownies last night, getting to have Smartfood popcorn at lunch today, and figuring out the iPad alarm (so we could wake up to Miyu Irino singing "Under the Sea"!).
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