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Well today certainly turned out to be busier than expected. Mom and Steve are out of town for most of today and all of tomorrow, so we were hoping to get a lot of time for recreation...and yet we didn't somehow. It probably didn't help that the day started with us sleeping much later than usual. Oh well.

Then we got distracted by that crossword puzzle on Google. We figured out a good majority of the words without having to look them up, so we're pretty pleased with ourselves, even if we did have to look up several of them.

Then we were working on UQ Holder!, which reminds me, I just wanted to mention that there was a bit in a recent chapter (the first one with Kaito--that one's up on Crunchyroll by now, right?) where a character psyched another character out, and we were like, "Whoa, we could totally use 'psych!' here!" It was exciting, because we're excited when we can use colloquial English without sounding like we're trying too hard, and because we love the TV show Psych.

But maybe we were trying a little too hard after all, because the editors were like, "Ummm...what?" We got an email about it while we were at Disneyland...but we were at Disneyland, so we didn't read it until too late. So the letterer's wife (who also understood what we meant with the use of the word "psych") came up with a less confusing substitute, and our project manager decided to go with that just to be on the safe side. It's really a very minor thing, but I thought it was kind of a neat thing to know that sometimes you can translate "joudan da" to "psych!" So there it is. We'll have to remember it for future translations.

And then Celeste and her husband came over and we had a good time venting about problems that we have in common. We should probably find better things to talk about when they come over--we're worried that our brother-in-law thinks all we ever do is whine. And yet it was his idea to come back tomorrow and order pizza. Maybe he just wants to order pizza, but hey, we're cool with that. And we'll try to find more positive things to talk about, take the advice of the Disneyland parking attendant...

Hey, we didn't tell that story!

So we went to Disneyland, and the first thing you have to do when you get there is park, usually in the gigantic Mickey & Friends parking structure. At the structure, there are toll booth attendants who take your parking money. When Alice paid the attendant, he gave her the little parking ticket (not that kind of parking ticket--the other kind) and told her, "Have a positive day!" Everyone in the car was like, "What? We're at Disneyland, and the best you can do is 'positive'? Seems a little weak." I suggested that maybe he was sympathizing with the stressed out parents (and others) who try way too hard to be happy at the happiest place on Earth, and end up miserable because things just keep going wrong and they feel bad because they're supposed to be happy. And he advises them: stay positive!

It didn't take long before we altered our theory. He was advising people to stay positive--because the parking attendants were probably all new, and still getting accustomed to their jobs. Parking was a bit of a nightmare. In fact, there was a long line of cars waiting to go up the ramp to the second-to-top level of the structure, and since the car we were in was a stick shift, it's not so good for starting and stopping on ramps--it always falls back before going up the incline. So Gaston told Alice to just wait at the bottom of the ramp until we could get up to the top--what the heck, it'd take the same amount of time either way, right? Well, the cars behind us did not agree that this was a good idea, regardless of our good intentions to not crash backwards into them. They got really really mad. They should have remembered the parking attendant's advice to have a positive day.

Today I'm thankful for finally finally finally getting three stars on that level of Candy Crush, getting to visit with Celeste and her husband, wise parking attendants, realizing that "psych!" can be used in translations sometimes, and finding Troop Beverly Hills for $7 at Target.
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