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Whew, I feel like things are settling down again, which is very nice. And Mom just said to someone on the phone that she's being attacked by cats.

Anyway, back to the Disneyland report.

Okay, so we just left the Jingle Cruise...and then we mostly just killed time until the next Billy Hill and the Hillbillies performance. (Except we accidentally killed too much time, and then we had to kill even more time before the show after that.) They are officially retiring as soon as the holiday season is over, and we wanted to see them one last time before they disappeared forever. (Or, y'know, just stopped performing.)

The show was called the Jingle Jangle Jamboree, and the lead Billy explained that it used to be the Billy Hill and the Hillbillies Holiday Spectacular, but, y'know, Corporate. It was a really fun show. Billy Fiddle played the Orange Blossom Special like always, only with nine holiday songs mixed in. (When they announced it, the lead Billy was like, "Literally thousands, maybe hundreds of songs," and then asked Billy Fiddle how many it was really, and he said nine. At that point, probably by coincidence, some kids started walking out, and Billy Fiddle said, "Okay, ten." I think it was still just nine, though. Athena says the condition was that the kids stay, and they didn't, so of course no extra song.)

I always really liked the Hillbillies, and I think it's because they're all about just having a good time with everybody--they're not trying to be impressive or anything, they just like to sing and play, and have people sing along and stuff. They'll be a really tough act to replace, and we'll miss them.

Then we just did a bunch of random stuff, including a failed attempt to watch World of Color Winter Dreams. The wind was pretty strong on Monday, so the show started off alright, and then it just stopped. When it first happened, it seemed to be after a song, and everything went black, so I was like, "See? These times where it goes black for a few seconds and you can't tell whether the show is over or not are exactly what makes World of Color inferior." But then it turned out the show really was over, because they canceled it. As for the show itself, it showed some potential, because with Olaf hosting it, it promised to have a bit more continuity and smoother transitions than the World of Color shows we'd seen in the past. Now we'll never know.

As we walked out of the park, Gaston and Alice were telling us that they've never seen the same World of Color show twice, which we thought was odd, because we totally have. Maybe they just started changing it up more after we stopped going to Disneyland.

The next morning, we had some quests to fulfill, including the obtaining of a Christmas present for Kimee. That's a pretty interesting story, but it will have to be told in another, friends-locked post, because we don't want her stumbling on it and ruining the surprise.

That accomplished, our next quest was to see the Tangled show at the Fantasy Faire. I think I like that one better than the Beauty and the Beast one, but I might just think that because of recentness. Once again, the actual Disney characters weren't all that great acting-wise (but that can be explained by the fact that they were reenacting their stories (not experiencing them anew), and as far as we know, none of the Disney princesses are actresses), but Mr. Jones and Mr. Smythe were pretty awesome. The one that played Mother Gothel in the reenactment kept glaring at us and doing the "I've got my eyes on you" gesture, because we kept shaking our fists and shouting "Fie!" at him. Seriously, the rest of the audience has no idea how much fun that is.

Then we went to be first in line for the Treasures of Asgard Experience. We had been told by a cast member that if we didn't want to deal with long lines, the thing to do was get to Innoventions (where the experience is located) as soon as it opens. So that's what we did! (It opens kinda late.) When Innoventions opened, we went straight to the Treasures of Asgard line, where we got to look at some really cool movie props Asgardian relics. When you make it through the line, you end up in a room that looks like it's in a museum, with more props relics. They give you some time to look at them, and then the cast member (who also commented on the sexiness of Loki's voice--no arguments here) tells you to stand in the center of the room. Odin's voice comes on and gives a little speech--apparently he and Jane Foster and Innoventions and probably some other important people worked together to create this experience to enhance relations between Earth and Asgard...or something. So Odin opens up the Bifrost and we're all transported to Asgard! Whooooaaaaa!!!

It was a little scary, actually, because they suddenly blast a lot of smoke into the room (which smells kind of like a barbecue, but I was a little worried as to what it actually was, so I tried not to inhale too much). They shine a bunch of lights that are supposed to be rainbow, but none of us can remember for sure if there were more than two colors. But then! the doors open into Thor's throne room. This place was really, really cool...and, oddly enough, had a hidden Mickey.

And there was Thor! (Or as we like to call him, Uncle Thor.) He was like a younger, slightly less beefed up Thor, but he was just as adorable as the one in the movie. And his wig hair had that cute little braid in it, too! He did the voice really well, too, and he had a little speech that we didn't listen to because we were still oohing and aahing over the decor. We did pay attention again when he asked a small child to come see if they could wield Mjolnir. He put the hammer down in a very specific place and asked the child to pull straight up. I said to Athena, "Ah, the wonder of magnets...I mean Mjolnir." But it was still super cute. The kid couldn't pull it up, of course, so he asked, "Do you find Mjolnir heavy?" And then they pulled it up together. D'awwwww!

Then we all lined up to take pictures. He was super nice to everybody, and he asked us what adventures we'd been on (to which our response was, "Duhhh..."). Overall, we really liked the experience (despite a bit of disappointment with the Bifrost effects), but I can't help but wonder if Captain America would be appalled at the very idea of it. I think as long as we all remember to treat the superheroes with respect, it should be okay.

We had just enough...or actually not enough time to finish up with our shopping quests (Celeste had asked us to look for a Christmas tree ornament that could commemorate her and her husband's first Christmas as husband and wife), and then it was off to our appointment! We were going to tour an apartment. Actually, we toured three, but they were all in the same complex. We liked all of them a lot, but Gaston warned us very sternly against the townhouse, because it didn't have central air conditioning, so it was bound to be miserable in the summer. Still, we don't like to be too hasty, and Gaston wanted to beat traffic, so we took some applications home and after some thought, we turned them in today. Now we just have to wait to see if our applications are accepted.

Then we went to Alpine Village to get some Christmas stuff, and finally we got completely stuck in traffic (to the point of almost getting lost in a failed effort to escape it), and then we went to Gaston and Alice's house, where we watched Whale Rider before we went to bed. I liked the movie, but I think too many people have the mistaken idea that everything has to be either/or (in this case, the people can be led by either a man or a woman, when really they should be led by both working together), and it can be tiresome.

And now we're home. Tadah!

Today I'm thankful for getting to meet Thor, getting to see another show with Mr. Smythe and Mr. Jones, our appointment not being scary, getting to try the Candy Crush fruit snacks we got on Saturday, and still having a box of Candy Crush Color Bombs (sooooo good!).
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