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Door service

We've been acting as a door service for the last several minutes. It's been cold enough that the heater needs to be on, but Page keeps begging to go into the backyard. At first, we'd just turn off the heater and leave the door open for Page to come and go as she pleased, but today we got complained at, so we figured hey, as long as we're right next to the door, she can just come back and ask to be let in. Oh, but it was so hard! She went outside and we closed the door on her, and at first she came right back, like, "Hey! What happened?" but then she figured out what was going on and was cool with it. She found a spot on the back porch and just sat there, and we were so afraid that she felt abandoned or something! We even opened the door and called out to her just to make sure she was okay, and she mostly ignored us, so she probably was.

In the meantime, Mojo had been shut in the bedroom with the cat door (which Page seems determined not to figure out), so when he heard the other door open, he figured it was a good time to leave through the cat door and come in through the regular door so he could get some food. And so the door has just been opening and closing. Eventually Mojo decided he wanted to be outside and Page decided she wanted to be inside, so the door is closed and everybody is happy and not freezing anymore (except maybe Mojo, but he brought that on himself).

As for us, the work mix-up continues, so hopefully we're not going to be in too much trouble this weekend. The project is due at the beginning of next week, which is exactly when we're planning to be at Disneyland (and then checking out an apartment or two). We told the boss people that our schedule was unstable!

Today I'm thankful for the lovely Christmas tree ornaments that the Relief Society president crocheted for everyone, Page finally agreeing that it's too cold outside (now she's sitting on Athena's lap), finally getting a way to get more yellow gensos in Pictologica, having an idea that might work for the Christmas party program, and Page still loving us even after we closed the door on her.
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