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Not-so-busy day

Today was supposed to be jam-packed with busyness, but the work mix-up continues, and so we were less busy than we thought. We did work on UQ Holder!, and probably used the word "awesome" more times in this one chapter than any translation I can think of, except maybe previous chapters of UQ Holder!. Tota's just the type to say "awesome" a lot, and frankly, I like that about him. (We also like to have him use "totally" a lot, because it has his name in it, and he's totally the type to like words for reasons like that.)

Speaking of UQ Holder!, I wonder if we're the only ones who saw a connection between the Wrecking Ball and the last airbender.

In a total change of subject, our nephew came over last night and was super adorable, as usual. Mom and Steve got a Christmas dinosaur to put on the lawn, and it's super cute and animated!, and even though we don't understand the dinosaur obsession at all, it's heartwarming to see Logan go up to it and pet it. He also found a string of beads decorating the Christmas tree and for some reason decided it was a great new toy. So he pulled it off the tree and...I don't even know what he did with it, but apparently it was pretty fun.

Sarah told us about how they've been watching Psych at her place again, and Logan likes to sing along with the "I know you know" part of the theme song (only he sings "I know I know"). Now that they're watching it again, he's singing along with one more line of the song--the line that has the vocabulary you don't really want a two-year-old singing (unless you're the type of person who thinks little kids swearing is hilarious). Mom heard the story and said, "Logan, you are the best." Apparently she's that type.

Today I'm thankful for the delicious muddy buddies we got to eat last night, getting to spend time with the sister and nephews, not being as busy today as we thought we'd be, Page not feeling the need to spend a lot of time outside today (it's cold out there!), and characters that are the type to say "awesome."
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