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We've had a really hard time getting back into a normal routine lately. ...Lately, she says, as if it hasn't been ongoing for weeks. The difference is, we had normal work to do, so we thought we'd be able to have a normal work schedule with it, too. But today our plans have been thwarted...but always by things that we could have avoided.

For example, I didn't have to take that phone call. See, on Sunday, we were feeling way stressed out about the whole moving thing, because we can't get down south to look at apartments until next week, and in the meantime, we were looking at apartment reviews online, which is always a pretty dumb idea, actually, because very few people write an apartment review unless they're very upset about their apartment situation. To prove the theory, we even looked up reviews of our last apartment complex, and even though we really liked it there, there were a bunch of terrible reviews (including reviews that complained about the maintenance, which we always felt was wonderful). So we knew that online apartment reviews aren't a fair judge of apartment complexes. Nevertheless, now we were more stressed out, and that's where Sister VN found us when she gave us a ride home from church.

So she invited us over to her house to talk and have cookies and get priesthood blessings, and we accepted. While all that happened, it came up that we just needed to get into our own space ASAP. So Brother VN called someone who used to be in the ward, who also has an apartment he's looking to rent. He was already asleep because of time zone stuff, but he called back, and it turns out there are a couple of other parties looking to rent the space...including, it turns out, our sister's family. We had calmed down considerably since Sunday night, so when Brother VN called this morning to tell us about it, we were more amused than anything else. It would be a good place for them.

The other thing that interrupted our work schedule was an invitation to go to Target. We did a color matching kind of thing online and determined that we should be fairly safe buying things in jewel tones, so we wanted to go buy sweaters. And we did! Yay! And now we have more long-sleeved tops to wear. We also found a super adorable hoodie to get for Logan, and we were going to give it to him right away, but when we went to his home, he was asleep. But it's just as well, because now he can get it for Christmas. Hopefully he won't be over Curious George by then.

Today I'm thankful for having more sweaters, super adorable toddler hoodies, managing to get our work done despite interruptions, Page coming inside when we ask her to, and getting to watch more Burn Notice last night.
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