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This has been another weekend of feeling very escapist. ...Well, escapism and having family over. Sarah brought her family over yesterday and we enjoyed each other's company. We were reminded once again what a very helpful boy Logan is. Sometime after they arrived, we remembered we needed to put some laundry in the dryer, so Athena went to do that. Logan saw her and said, "I wan(t to) he(lp)." So she put the clothes on the open door/lid of the dryer, and he helped by shoving the clothes into the dryer proper.

His mother also told us that she made sweet potato casserole for her in-laws' Thanksgiving feast, and Logan helped her put marshmallows on top. Awwww. (Apparently he did a pretty good job, too!)

Today we went to another Christmas party planning meeting. The menu is Mexican-inspired, so for the activity/entertainment, we thought we'd do a miniature version of Las Posadas. Athena and I got put in charge of it, because we were the only ones who thought it sounded like a simple thing to do instead of some crazy ambitious project, but now we're faced with the problem of coming up with a way to make a presentation out of it. We can't go with the usual song they sing for Las Posadas for a few reasons, but mostly because it's in Spanish. We do have several people in the ward who know Spanish, but we're pretty sure the majority doesn't. So now we have to come up with our own way to tie the procession together and hopefully include some Christmas carols that the ward does know.

There was also some concern shown about the safety of using a pinata at the finale, but we've dealt with kids and pinatas before, so we're pretty confident we can handle it.

Today I'm thankful for people finally being on board with the Las Posadas idea, having a good time with Sarah & Co. yesterday, getting to try Papa John's mega cookie (so good!), having a book to help us research our Scots-Irish ancestry, and Ricky Gervais's celebrity lullaby to Elmo.
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