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Maybe, Maybe Not

Well, I think it's about time we continued out commemorative multi-part series.

Maybe, Maybe Not

If this manga title doesn't look familiar to you, that might have something to do with the fact that it was never printed--not legally in North America, anyway. This was our last new assignment from CMX before it got shut down in 2010. It was another Hana to Yume series, this time by Yutaka Tachibana, and its Japanese title is "Kana, Kamo." It starts out being about a girl named Yuna and the fact that she's ostracized by all her classmates due to some weird rumors that have been going around about her, and her indomitable spirit as she keeps a positive attitude through it all. She has faith that someday, something good will happen and she'll have friends again. Then two cute boys show up and prove her right. Tadah!

So yeah, it's pretty typical for shoujo manga, but somehow, thinking back on it, it seems darker. Of course what it's really all about is the characters and how they interact with each other, and how they deal with the emotional traumas of their past and present. Yuna makes friends with a girl who kind of accidentally became a professional manga artist, and the girl responsible for spreading the rumors about her, who is a really fun character (and Tachibana-sensei says she was the one most like herself).

Throughout the series, Tachibana-sensei keeps talking about her favorite movies, so it kind of turned out to be an education on how the Japanese perceive entertainment. She kept recommending all these R-rated movies, but there was only one that she said, "I'm not really allowed to recommend this in Hana to Yume." I don't remember what it was, though. Maybe Superbad? She also admits that part of the reason she even wrote the series, in which the characters start a movie appreciation club, was so she could include that passion of hers. They even write their own movie, which I want to tell everyone about, but I'm not sure if I should because it would be a spoiler...y'know, in case anyone goes out and gets the Japanese version or something. Or if someone happens to pick up the license.

The series was only four volumes long, and of course we bought the rest of it. We got the first two from CMX, because they needed us to translate the first one, and write a summary of the second one. Naturally, the idea was that we would also translate the second one later, but, well...

I don't remember anything about translating the series. Neither of us thinks it was that hard. So for the translation difficulty scale, we'll give it a four, because the sidebars gave us trouble.

Favorite character would probably be...huh, I don't know. We both like all of them, except maybe her stupid annoying cousin. He was a total jerk. So we'll say Yuna, because she's the main character, and in her profile, Tachibana-sensei said her favorite movies were Disney movies.

Today I'm thankful for being introduced to another great shoujo manga series before CMX was gone for good, Page being a good comforter, not having to wake up early today, having plans to see Frozen, and having enough mog medals to get a super fancy card.
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