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Who needs a subject?

Today was a lot busier than I expected it to be. There was a possibility of company, but we all hate using the phone, so we weren't sure. I really hope Yvonne didn't try to come over, though, because we went out running errands with Mom, since we were almost out of food. When we were little, I always hated the idea of growing up and having to do our own grocery shopping. But now I like grocery shopping, because when we get home, we have food.

While we were out and about, Mom asked us if we wanted to go to her ward's Trunk or Treat thing. We have a hard time resisting Halloween parties (any excuse to dress up), but we didn't know which costumes to wear (any event involving small children and costumes makes us want to dress as Team Rocket, but Jessie's skirt is extremely short and we don't have leggings to wear underneath) and we knew there would be a new episode of Teen Titans. Mom's response to the Teen Titans thing was, "You would rather watch Teen Titans?" and actually, I think it would have been a draw. I can't resist cosplay.

So we decided to go on the condition that they agree to tape Teen Titans for us, and we decided to go with the Kingdom Hearts Donald and Goofy costumes. Mom picked us up a little later than expected, and had to explain to us that the reason she and Steve didn't pick us up in their van was that Steve is avoiding us. I'm actually a little (pleasantly) surprised that I managed to voice my opinion that Steve was being immature without getting my head bitten off. Mom seemed very frustrated about the whole thing. And tired. So I should stop putting off sending that apology.

When we got there I asked if Sarah would be there and was told that Sarah left early this morning for a competition. I don't know what kind of competition, but she's on colorguard, so I'm guessing it had something to do with that. We hung out at the party for a little while, talked to the few people with whom we were acquainted, oohed and aahed over the adorable costumed children, and then Mom realized we weren't really having the greatest of times (though we weren't bored, either; I think she was probably wanting to go home herself), so we left.

There was one family whose trunk was decorated with a ton of Star Wars models and a (probably slightly larger than) life-sized R2-D2. We saw them wandering around with the mother dressed as Princess Leia carrying a little Ewok child, a daughter as Padme... there was someone carrying a little Yoda, and of course a few Jedi Knights, though we didn't take the time to distinguish who was supposed to be Obi-Wan, who was supposed to be Qui-Gonn, and who was supposed to be Luke... but Luke wears black Jedi robes... maybe someone was Anakin. Anyway, we didn't know who was who. We were so jealous though.

Anyway, after we left, we went to Mom's place so she could take a picture of our costumes, which did receive a few very nice compliments. It was there that I realized what a bad idea it is to cosplay Kingdom Hearts when we've been pining to play the game for so long. Athena didn't take nearly as long to realize, but she's the one who holds the controller, so she's probably afflicted worse. And yet I think we're going to wear those costumes again on Monday. *sigh*

On the bright side, this time I get to wear my special Disneyland socks with my Goofy costume. I didn't get to at AX because one of them was lost, so I didn't get to tell anyone about them. The socks aren't part of the costumes they issue to the cast members--you have to bring your own. On one of my days of on-the-job training at Disneyland, my trainer told me my socks were too short. So on my way out of the costuming center, once I'd changed out of costume and was on my way home, I noticed that they have a vending machine with socks and hair things (you have to keep your hair out of your face because it can be a safety hazard). So I brought a few dollars with me and bought some socks from a vending machine in the Disneyland costuming center. And now I get to wear them with my Goofy costume!

Actually, while I was waiting for Mom to pick us up for the party, I pulled out my Disney Theme Park sheet music and played Grim Grinning Ghosts (the Haunted Mansion theme). I finished with that, and I'd already played Night on Bald Mountain and Bach's Toccata and Fugue in D Minor from Fantasia, and I didn't really have any other Halloween stuff (though thinking about it now, I could have pulled out the Final Fantasy VIII music and played all the sorceress stuff), so I played Magic in the Stars (from the fireworks show before the frickin' awesome one they have now). When I was done with that, I started playing Just One Dream from this thing they have at California Adventure, which also happens to be the song they play on your first day of Disneyland cast member orientation. And then I started flashing back to last year and got depressed. Man, we have issues.

And now we're trying desperately to get the song from the Bratz makeover/rock star/whatever commercial out of our heads. It refuses to let go!!! But I'm thankful for Disneyland socks, "wing area", being able to go grocery shopping today, cheeseburgers, and maple-toffee peanuts.

Before I go, I'd like to leave you with this exchange from Danny Phantom:
"I like the horse. What's it made of? Flaming bedsheets?"
"Flaming bedsheets of death!"
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