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Difficult Decisions

I figure we should probably update LiveJournal, since we haven't in two days. It's not that we didn't want to, just that yesterday came with the usual scheduling difficulties...which pretty much means we were working most of the day and we sometimes like to hide in the bedroom while Mom and Steve eat dinner. And then it was time for movie night.

We've been feeling extremely escapist lately, because we have decided to make Difficult Decisions. I hesitate to talk about them, because I worry that the decisions might fail and then everyone will be like, "I always knew they were a couple of flakes," but on the other hand, maybe talking about it will help solidify our resolve. We think it's time we move close to Disneyland. But it's super hard because we only have a very vague idea of how to find an apartment in the first place, and doing it remotely is more than a little bit scarier. Fortunately, a wise friend of ours (Alice) pointed out that it's not like it has to be permanent, so if we move down there and decide it wasn't a good idea after all, we can do something else.

In the meantime, facing big changes like this makes us want to curl up and play video games all day. Plus the weather's been kinda rainy, which is perfect for staying inside and playing video games. (Not that we wouldn't be staying inside anyway. That's one of the reasons we think it would be good for us to live close to Disneyland--we'd have more motivation to go outside.)

That being the case, it's time to curl up and play video games. ...After a snack.

Today I'm thankful for the lovely rainy weather, having plans to go to the temple tonight, peanuts, having Chex Mix to eat last night, and Page and Mojo playing an adorable game of tag.
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