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Once again, the weekend proved to be jam-packed with activity that wasn't very conducive to writing blog posts. Mostly it involved hanging out with family, which was really fun, but also not really good material for LiveJournal posts. I mean, Logan was being super cute, and he was surprisingly articulate when repeating foods back to his mother to tell us that no, he didn't want to eat that ("No cha mil shay (chocolate milkshake)," for example), but that's one where I think you really had to be there. But it was adorable that for a while he insisted that the only thing he wanted to eat was mud. He finally changed his mind when the long list of potential foods ended with hot dogs, which, depending on who you ask, is pretty much the same as mud anyway. I think the place we got hot dogs at used fancy sausages, though, so I think they were superior to mud, but I had a chili burger, so I know nothing.

Then there was today, where we had determined to work on the whole "finding a place to live" thing...which we did for about five minutes before we chickened out of doing any more. Then we felt escapist, and Athena's still recovering from her bronchitis, so we spent a lot of time playing The World Ends With You. We do have a vague outline of a game plan as far as apartment hunting is concerned, and the timing allows for a little bit of procrastination, but of course it's something we're going to have to push ourselves to do, and we will. But I don't like it.

In the meantime, I do have other things to post about, but there's TV on in the background, making it difficult to focus. I think we should do a post giving examples of our editing process, to give people a better idea of what goes into crafting/sculpting a translation, but of course I never remember exactly what first draft translations get changed, and we don't have any works in progress right now, so that post will have to wait a little bit.

Today I'm thankful for having lots of time to play The World Ends With You, the adorableness of Tota in UQ Holder, movies with dialogue, getting to sing in the choir for stake conference, and getting to sign up for a convenient time for tithing settlement.
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