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Well today turned out to be a lot higher key than expected. The original plan was to translate UQ Holder!, which doesn't take super long because it's only a chapter at a time, then do some family history research and kick back a little. Unfortunately, Athena hadn't gotten much sleep last night, because she couldn't really breathe. So instead of our usual morning routine, we went to the doctor.

The doctor didn't really put a name to the problem (though we suspect that name would be bronchitis), but he did prescribe a bunch of things to hopefully knock the sickness right out. The wheezing was so bad that the doctor asked Athena if she had asthma, to which the answer is, "We don't rightly know." When Athena reported back to me and Mom, Mom did mention that waaay back when we were babies, there was a diagnosis of childhood asthma, which she forgot about because it was a long time ago and they said it was childhood asthma, so she assumed we'd grow(n) out of it.

There's also a funny story about how we finagled our way into a Disneyland parade--the 45 Years of Magic Parade back in 2000. They took guests from the crowd to do simple dance routines in the parade, and we found out that they sent the Omnibus out scouting along the route ahead of time, looking for people who would probably not be afraid to make fools of themselves in public. So we found out when it was coming, stationed ourselves in its path, and led the guests around us in what would have been a rousing chorus of Jaws...if anybody had cooperated (there was one woman and her child that were enjoying it, but otherwise, people were just like, "Wha...?"). Regardless of the crowd's lack of enthusiasm, we got scouted and went off to learn our routine, and obtain our costumes--tutus (which we did not get to keep) and hats shaped like hippo heads (which we did get to keep; Sarah got a rhino head).

We also got to sign a waiver of liability! Whee!

Then it was all fun and games as we danced our way along the parade route to what we consider to be the most amazing Disneyland parade score ever, and as we danced, Athena got winded and remembered, "Oh yeah, I might have asthma." (This has nothing to do with the doctor from when we were babies--it was from when we were in elementary school and Athena kept complaining about not being able to breathe when running laps, then Mom seeing a piece on the news about exercise-induced asthma, and Athena got out of PE for half a semester, until the teacher demanded a doctor's note. Dad figured it was all in her head, so that was the end of the wonderful world of reading through PE. Later, Athena got recruited for the high school cross country team, and as she was running, a teammate came alongside her and said, "I have asthma, too!")

So Athena told the parade cast member who had given us our waivers her amusing little realization...and then he freaked out. "But you're okay, right!?" Aww, we wouldn't sue Disneyland over something like that! It would have totally been our own fault. But maybe he was just really worried about her health.

Anyway. The question about asthma may or may not have had something to do with the prescription of prednisone, but Athena thinks it was more because the wheezing was really bad. She also got a sample inhaler (yay, free!) and a prescription for some antibiotics.

Then we came home and Athena practiced breathing while I helped entertain children at Logan's playdate in the nearby park. Somehow I ended up throwing a ball for all the kids to take turns swinging at with a bat. It was another tragically cute Logan story, really. He saw Mom's car driving us home, so he came back to the house to hang out with the three of us. Mom figured he should join the other kids, so she took his favorite orange ball and went to the park. When Logan sees that ball, he thinks of the giant plastic bat he usually uses to play toddler baseball, so he went to get it...but the ball was gone. I told him we'd take the bat to the park, but instead, he ran down the lawn, shouting, "I want ball!" in a vain attempt to get Mom to bring it back. Then we went to the park where we played toddler baseball until all the other kids started lining up to play, too, so Logan found a berry bush and started playing with that instead. We think he's shy around the other kids, because he doesn't know them that well.

Finally, all the kids went home and Athena's meds kicked in, and we were able to get to work translating UQ Holder!. I think the chapter turned out pretty well, but I still want it to go on record that, if it seems subpar next week, we were working through a case of bronchitis. That means that when we read it through a second time to make sure it doesn't sound stupid, we're more willing to let things slide.

We were discussing this problem, and Athena suggested that the fans might like it better, because unnatural English "sounds closer to the Japanese," and then we got all jaded about fans again. At any rate, this could possibly be the best or the worst chapter of UQ Holder! so far.

Today I'm thankful for doctors, medicine kicking in, cute stories about finagling Disneyland parade spots, managing to finish that chapter of UQ Holder!, and Logan's inordinate excitement over pizza.
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