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I didn't mean to forget about LJ today. We took the day off and got distracted. I think we would have been less distracted if the day off hadn't included stuff like choir practice and other such things that involved leaving the house, because then we would have felt like we really had time to do all the stuff we wanted to do. As it is, we finally started playing The World Ends With You, and once that happened, that was where all our time went...until we decided that cold recovery would be best handled by something that takes a little less focus.

We also watched Equestria Girls, and believe it or not, we survived. I'll probably say more about that when I feel like we have more time.

Today I'm thankful for getting to play The World Ends With You (thus finally filling a gap in our Kingdom Hearts knowledge--no fair putting those characters in Dream Drop Distance before we played their first game (but I guess that's what we get for taking so long to get to it)), getting to watch Equestria Girls, getting to try some pineapple fruit bar/popsicle things, there being a new episode of The Middle to watch, and Page being super cute and snuggly today.
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