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I probably spoke too soon last night. Our ward Halloween party isn't until Monday (it's a young single adult ward, so we have FHE on Mondays; I guess they figured that was as good a time as any to have a Halloween party, it being Halloween and all), so we really have no idea what kind of cosplayers there might be in the ward. It was just that Celeste was showing us all the Harry Potter pictures she and the other Harry Potter cosplayers took at her party last night, and I got jealous. At least it gave me an excuse to use the "envious" emoticon--I like the color-changing.

Anyway, that's a strong argument for Donald and Goofy. I'm pretty sure there won't be a Sora, but who knows? There might be a Disney princess or two. Or someone from Nightmare Before Christmas. Here's hoping.

Oh, but if it's someone from NBC, our costumes won't match. Darn it! Oh well.

In happier news, today is Athrun Zala's birthday! And Sailor Pluto's! Happy birthday, people!
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