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I was planning on making a "real" post today, but it's looking like we should probably spend some more time resting. After all the stress of the last several days, it seems like the adrenaline has worn off and the colds are kicking in. I had a sore throat yesterday, and it looks like it's wanting to turn into a runny nose. Meanwhile, Athena's throat has gotten scratchy. So time for some relaxation.

But first, kitty talk. Page finally remembered how she got out on the balcony back in our old apartment and tried it to get out into the backyard--she stood by the sliding glass door and meowed at us. We were torn about it, because a backyard is significantly different than a balcony, and because when we finally get our own place, we don't know if she'll be able to go outside at all, so we didn't want her to get too used to it. On the other hand, she's managed to find her way outside before and the backyard is pretty well fenced-off, and maybe if she's never going to get another chance to go outside, we should let her take the ones she has now.

So we opened the door for her, and she spent all afternoon going inside and outside. And inside and outside. Sometimes it seemed like she was only coming inside to make sure we didn't close the door on her...and going back outside for the same reason. She is a cutey, though. Now if only she would stop eating the grass she knows (from multiple experiences) she can't digest.

Today I'm thankful for having room in our schedule to take tomorrow off, Page not running off, finishing work today, tomorrow giving us the perfect opportunity to watch our DVD, and it not being too hard to index those burial records from 1591.
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