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Aaand we're back.

I didn't really think we'd have our schedule as packed as we did over the last few days. Friday, we worked right up until it was time for our weekly movie night (last week's feature: Attack of the Clones). Saturday was a BYU football game, so Steve invited a million people and their toddlers over to watch with him. We decided we wanted no part of it, so we entertained Logan until other people started arriving, and then we went Away.

We didn't really have a specific destination in mind, but there's a bunch of stores not too far from here, so we walked over to Target, PetSmart, and GameStop. At Target, we were hoping to buy some nice long-sleeved shirts to wear for the winter, and they had some that weren't too expensive, but then we panicked because neither of us has any idea what colors we're allowed to wear. (You know, like the "spring, summer, winter, autumn" thing--some people just don't look good in, for example, sea green. We used to just ignore the whole thing and buy whatever we liked, but then we went thrift store shopping with a friend, found a pretty skirt, and were told by said friend that we were forbidden from ever wearing that color ever. Later we realized there was something to the whole color thing when we went on the Little Mermaid ride at California Adventure and saw that yeah, not everybody looks good in the costumes for that ride. It's a shame, too, because those costumes are really cute.)

At PetSmart, we bought a lovely bed for Page. She has been "helping" with work by jumping on the laptop, and since we'd been so pressed for time, it was a source of enormous stress. It's kind of silly, come to think of it, because if we'd just tossed her off, she...would have got right back on. So the theory was that she just wanted to be close to us, and the most comfortable place to sit near us was the laptop keyboard, so if we got her a bed, maybe she'd sit on that instead. And it worked! ...mostly. She did jump onto the laptop once or twice anyway, but we suspect that might have something to do with its heat-source-ness. So if we can just get an electric blanket...

At any rate, the cat bed is adorable, and she's adorable in it.

At GameStop...we got impatient and went home, because I had agreed to play the piano for the baptism that would be held that afternoon. So we changed into nicer clothes, and off we went to the church. After the baptism, we came home and Celeste and Sarah and their husbands stayed for a while, and we didn't get to bed until way too late. Sunday, we were exhausted, but there was no time to relax, because there was another football game, so the brothers-in-law came to take advantage of the HD here. We had a good time visiting with people, so that was nice, but by the time stake choir practice was over, we were completely wiped out.

So we went to bed early and got up in time for what had the potential to become another very long workday. Fortunately, it didn't, but there were rumors of yet another football game, and we wanted to hide. So instead of updating LiveJournal to let people know we're still alive, we went to the bedroom and played with the iPad. We immediately got hooked on Pictlogica, the new puzzle game from the makers of Final Fantasy, and so we ended up playing it all night. We did eventually pull ourselves away in time to watch Castle, but we got intercepted and ended up watching Psych instead. So now we're an episode behind on Castle, but at least we got to watch more Psych.

Finally, today we finished the super rush job, and hopefully tomorrow we will return to a relatively normal work schedule...after perhaps sleeping in a little.

Today I'm thankful for being done with the super rush job, Pictlogica, Page looking super cute in her new bed, Captain Literally meeting Captain Irony, and getting to eat some super delicious Belgian chocolate cookies last night.
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