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Busy again

Very busy day today. We had a project coming in, and at first it was like, "Okay, can you get this much done in a month?" "A month? Sure, no problem!" "Actually, we need it in more like ten days." "Yeah, we think we can handle that." "Okay, here's the material. Can you get it to me in five days?" "Um...we'll try!" It wouldn't be nearly so iffy if two of those five days weren't the weekend, also known as the "you think you're going to get any (professional) work done? ha!" phase of the week. Okay, so that's just Saturday. We wouldn't be working on Sunday anyway.

So that's what we've been doing all day. It was supposed to be a super quick translation, but I think it was textier than anybody thought. Ah well.

Today I'm thankful for getting (hopefully) enough work done today, Page eventually finding a place where she was super comfy and therefore not sitting on keyboards, getting a ride to the store today, having a fairly large dinner, and heaters.
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