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We had only sort of intended to write about our Disneyland trip today, because we had plans and figured they would not be conducive to long LiveJournal posts. Our figuring turned out to be correct, and now here we are, thinking it's too late at night to want to bother writing long LJ posts.

Instead, a shorter post about our plans. Little Mickey (our newest nephew) was blessed in church today (kind of like a christening, I guess), and so was his even newer cousin on his dad's side, so today Sarah's in-laws had a big dinner party with all the relations. We didn't really know anybody and we're horrible at making conversation (as can be attested by the hours we spent watching TV with Celeste and her husband before the event--the TV was turned on because no one was talking), so we were pretty bored most of the time, but I do have a cute story about Logan.

In the string of happy events that's been going on, Logan's oldest cousin was baptized yesterday (in the LDS church, kids get baptized at the age of eight) and confirmed a member of the church today, and in honor of that, there was cake. (Some of the older party-goers were a little indignant--"I don't remember getting cake when I was baptized!" But cake is cake.)

Logan's dad got him some cake and he took it to his seat to eat...the frosting. When he finished the frosting (which separated from the cake very agreeably), he picked up the now bare piece of cake in his hand and handed it to me. (It was store-bought chocolate cake with chocolate frosting, in case anyone was wondering.) Well, if he only wanted frosting, Athena happened to get a piece with a lot of extra frosting, so she gave him some of hers. But he wouldn't take frosting without cake, so I gave him his cake back. Now he was happy, and was able to return the cake to me and eat the frosting. XD

The second time Athena gave him frosting, he didn't need anymore cake. But then she ran out of frosting, so the boy had to settle for ice cream.

Today I'm thankful for Logan making sure we got something to eat (after we blessed the food and everyone was hesitating to be the first person to line up for food, Logan sat down at a table and yelled, "Thea! Foo(d)!"), having a fairly good time at the get-together, getting back to our Disney reading project, being able to find Grimms Fairy Tales in German (we thought it might help the German learning to stick if we had some media to consume), and delicious chocolate frosting.
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