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Okay, well, we were going to buy some pictures of us in our costumes so we could post some here, but A)I don't think we really looked good in any of them, and B)it was $15 to download just one of them. Bleh.

So about our Halloween costumes. It all started...actually Athena came up with the idea way back when we first decided to start going to Mickey's Halloween Party, but it was a while before we could get Gaston to see our vision. But last year we realized that we really needed new costumes, when the two of us and Alice were looking at everyone in their costumes and thinking, "Aww, I wanna wear a costume!" And of course we were all in full costume.

We tried brainstorming new ideas, and the best we had was the old idea from 2009. Athena was thinking of costume ideas that would make good use of our identical twin-ness, and one of the ideas she came up with was the Siamese cats from Lady and the Tramp. That same year, there was a 101 Dalmatians stage show going on somewhere, and we'd seen an article on it with pictures of the cast--basically the canine characters wore human clothes with fabric that had the spotted pattern. In that spirit, she thought of Lady and the Tramp.

It was a tricky idea, because it wasn't entirely accurate. The idea was that Lady would have a Victorian outfit in Cocker spaniel colors, the Tramp would have...some outfit that looks trampish (in the old sense of the word), and the Siamese cats would have Mandarin gowns in light brown with black stockings and long black gloves. (We also had ideas for Jock (Scottish terrier: black shirt and kilt), Trusty (bloodhound: some kind of hunting outfit, but since we didn't end up having a Trusty, we didn't have to decide on what style), and Peg (...I don't know what breed she is, but we were going to have a white dress with a big feather boa; soon after Athena came up with the idea, The Princess and the Frog came out, and Tiana had a dress that was exactly what we wanted for Peg).) And of course ears and tails as appropriate.

The problem. is that Siamese cats are Siamese, not Chinese. So we spent some time researching Siamese and Thai fashion, and we couldn't really find anything that worked as well with the Siamese cat coloring as the Mandarin gowns. It was very frustrating. We wanted to ask around to see if people thought it would be okay, but we didn't want to reveal our costume idea before we wore it, because we also had ideas for Tweedledee and Tweedledum, but there were like a million Tweedles over the last few years, and we didn't want anyone to find our idea and take it. Finally, we emailed a friend we hadn't spoken to in years to get his opinion, since he seemed to be the type of person who would be the best informed on such things, and he said he didn't think it would be a problem. So we went forward with it!

Meanwhile, Gaston and Alice were doing their own research, and it turns out that for Lady, we wanted an Edwardian dress, which is what Alice ended up making. All three of us were freaking out because none of us could find a pattern for what we wanted. Alice found a website that taught her how to make a pattern, and I ended up using a dress that Celeste bought when she was in China as a pattern. It drove me extra crazy, too, because it had darts and darts are so arrrrrrgh. I was convinced that I wasn't doing them right, and I redid them several times, even though I kept putting the dresses on Athena and they usually looked fine. It was incredibly stressful. Alice did her utmost to avoid having to make tailored pants for Gaston, and fortunately, they managed to find something for him at a thrift store. He also got a period-appropriate bowler hat to attach his ears to.

There was one stressful thing that turned out to be a huge blessing, because the slits in the Mandarin gowns ended up needing to go higher than originally planned (or else it would have been hard to walk and even harder to sit). We wanted to go as regular Siamese cats and not sexy Siamese cats, so we got some leggings to wear over our tights. And since they're fleece-lined leggings, they're very nice for wearing under jeans to keep extra warm.

Okay, that ended up being fairly long, so I guess I should save the trip report for another entry. I'm not sure if we'll have time to update tomorrow, though. We'll see how things go.

Today I'm thankful for fleece-lined leggings, Celeste having a dress that we could use as a pattern, getting to go to Disney on Ice today, having yummy pizza for lunch, and fun and creative costume ideas.
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